Workers Compensation Healthcare Services

If you have been injured at work, a quality Allied Healthcare team and a speedy recovery is vital!

Our Physio Inq Allied Healthcare team compromising of Physiotherapists, Mobile Physio’s, Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists & Massage Therapists are highly experienced in working with injured clients under the Worker's Compensation scheme, with an in-depth understanding of the importance and benefits of a safe and durable recovery.

Our focus is on achieving a safe and durable return to work. We provide a variety of options from manual therapy to exercise based rehab programs.

At Any Physio Inq clinic or mobile service, we welcome all patients referred following a work related injury.

Services that we are able to provide to Work Cover clients seeking assistive treatment include:

  • Clinic & Mobile Physiotherapy: Assessment, Hands on treatment, splinting, exercise prescription and equipment and needs assessments
  • Exercise Physiology: Home exercise prescription, balance and gait retraining, group exercise classes, strength based exercise programs.
  • Occupational Therapy: assessing the level of help or care that the worker may require as a result of a work-related injury or illness recommending exercises to maximise worker function and promote recovery (where possible) advising of adaptive and/or alternative techniques to make it easier for the worker to perform activities. For example, breaking strenuous tasks into smaller more manageable tasks.
  • Massage therapy: pain management & therapeutic care.

Our Work Rehabilitation Program will help in:

  • Increasing muscle strength and tone
  • Reduce your pain levels
  • Upgrading work hours and tasks
  • Returning you to work earlier with less chance of a re-aggravation of injury
  • Aid in giving you strategies to cope with being off work
  • And much more

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