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Jonathan Moody


Founder of Physio Inq & Pinq Partner




Over the past 15 years, we have grown from a grassroots business to employing more than 200 incredible people nationwide. I can proudly say that every staff member and Pinq Partner is treated as a family member, and our culture is incredibly unique.

Our Franchisees’ success is due to our system, marketing and coaching along the community of owners providing incredible moral support. Our strategy shows that it can work through thick and thin. It’s a robust system that helps you grow as a business and community leader.

We will support and work with you every step of the way. I welcome you to explore the opportunities that exist within the Pinq Community.

Good luck on your journey!

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Meet our Pinq Business Partners

Tom Hol

Tom Hol

Pinq Partner: Engadine & Sutherland (NSW)

Tom Hol came to Physio Inq as a new graduate, following his completion of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy program at Australian Catholic University. Tom has an extensive history in hospitality, so was well poised to understand the human element of health care.

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As is the case with all exceptional practitioners, Tom excelled on the relationship building front and quickly became a sought-after Physio in his area. Building on his knowledge and taking himself through an accelerated program of discovery using Physio Inq’s Pillar modules, Tom quickly became a proficient Physio, specialising in endurance related injuries and cementing his place in his community as ‘The Cycling Physio’.

Tom underwent training within 18 months of employment to take on a management role at Physio Inq, to lead his practice to significant growth over a 6-month period, before taking on his very first Physio Inq Franchise.

Tom’s Engadine clinic doubled its turnover in its first year of trade from a very low- cost base and is currently trading in excess of $700k per annum.

When asked if he was too inexperienced to own his own Physio Inq franchise, he responded;

“Physio Inq provides you with the tools, the action plan and the training. All you have to do is go out and do it. Don’t ask questions, just do it. It really is that simple.”

Tom’s Engadine practice is so busy, he had to make the decision of either relocating and taking on a larger space or diversifying and opening up a neighbouring clinic to capture a wider population. He opted for the latter.

Tom opened his second clinic in Sutherland within 12 months of his first and is continuing to build his team.
Tom’s lifestyle is balanced. He takes 10 hours from the front line to integrate with his community and assist his business to connect with the locals. He is an active member of the Engadine Community and has a rewarding relationship with almost all associated health businesses in his area.

Digitally, he is almost famous online. With the training he has undergone in social media and marketing, he has uniquely positioned himself as the expert in his area of interest and has an engaging and highly effective internet-based audience.

He has plans of building his network and enjoying his young family to grow and develop in the area. *

Chris Slaviero

Chris Slaviero

Pinq Partner: Penrith & South Penrith (NSW)

Chris was a Physio Inq employee for four years prior. With a diverse background in Allied Health, Chris is a consumer orientated practitioner, always putting their needs at the cornerstone of his treatment method. He seemed the perfect fit for Physio Inq and was offered an opportunity in 2018.

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Chris was a classic example of a private practice physio hitting the wage ceiling, whereby he didn’t have enough hours in the day to see more patients and his earning potential was significantly capped.

Chris took the plunge and took on not one, but two Physio Inq franchises in Sydney’s western suburbs. Within 12 months, he has almost doubled the revenue of his flagship South Penrith Clinic. His team is burgeoning and highly motivated. Local doctors are referring en masse, and he has a tight relationship with many local gyms and personal trainers

When asked what is the nest thing about being a Physio Inq Franchisee, Chris responded;

“It’s the lifestyle. I control my own density. The more I put in and use the systems, the more eI get out. As for my relationship with Physio Inq, they are a collaborative group that is willing to listen to suggestions for change. Oh, and I play golf religiously every Thursday!” PINK BOLD

Chris has a young family and juggles his work life well, taking time to enjoy the small things. As to what is in store for his future, “anything is possible, I’m just having a great time”. *

Cathy Tuckey

Cathy Tuckey

Pinq Partner: Manning (WA)

Cathy has a story that shows that hard work pays off. Cathy was another Physio falling victim to the private practice ceiling, she was working as a senior physiotherapist in a clinic and could see no future for her. She also has Ankylosing Spondylitis, which, as a Physio, can be a career ending condition. She needed to find a way to stay in the physiotherapy industry whilst reducing her client caseload.

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She had worked in clinics where the owners were over worked and over stressed and she didn’t think that was for her. Cathy never imagined herself owning her own business, but after an invite on linked-in and checking out what Physio Inq was about she wanted to know more. Within a matter of months, she partnered with Physio Inq to purchase and rebrand her very own clinic in Western Australia. The clinic was a classic tale. Owner, operator, with only reception staff and perhaps a subcontractor. It was old school, needed TLC and a big overhaul.

Cathy took the systems and operational strategies of Physio Inq’s model and completely revamped the clinic. Within 10 months, she has doubled the revenue of the practice on a monthly basis and the staff are motivated, happy and growing with her.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing though;

“It’s a leap of faith going from one physio to three, you have to trust the process. At first cash flow can be tight, but when you get through it, and follow the process, it is highly rewarding and the business grows.” PINK BOLD

Cathy is well connected with her local tennis, rugby and hockey clubs now and is looking to back down on her consulting hours to give her body a rest and put more energy into the training, marketing and community involvement of her business. *

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Contact our Business Partnership team on (03) 9001 6612

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*All representations made are based upon individual performance and are not an indicator of future or standard performance of a Pinq Business Partner. Always seek independent accounting and legal advice before signing any licence agreement. You may still be required to pay additional contractual fees and obligations to third parties, such as (but not limited to) premises lease contracts and staff termination obligations. 

**Business statistics based off of average financial performance of the 14 clinic locations for 2019 calendar year. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and independent financial and legal advice should be obtained before signing any licence agreement.
***Website statistics based off of Physio Inq’s FY2019. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and independent financial and legal advice should be obtained before signing any licence agreement.



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