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Our Physio Inq Mobile Speech Pathology service can help to develop language skills and encourage confidence while speaking and communicating. This includes, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, articulation and fluency. We can also provide support to ensure mealtimes are safe and enjoyable for people with swallowing difficulties or children who are picky eaters.

Do you, your child or a loved one have trouble pronouncing words, eating, drinking or are struggling with important social skills?

Speech Pathology often referred to as Speech Therapy, may help improve language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills.

Our Speech Pathologists, or SP’s, help people of all ages and with a range of disabilities to achieve their goals and make life easier for you and your family.

A Speech Pathologist Can Help With:

  • Articulation, speech clarity and stuttering
  • Understanding of spoken and written words and language
  • Formulating sentences and expressing themselves
  • Literacy, reading and writing
  • Play and social skills
  • wallowing and mealtime difficulties

Our Expert Speech Pathologists Do This By:

  • Language and articulation retraining
  • Prescription of modified diets
  • Game play
  • Much more

Now operating throughout Australia Physio Inq Speech Pathologists are people that you can rely upon on and trust to be there when you need them.

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Speech Pathologist Near Me

The Physio Inq Speech Pathology team provides in-home support for children and adults with speech, language and communication (and/or swallowing) difficulties.

Our integrated local community network allows us to effectively partner and collaborate with any Physicians, GP’s, Employers, Case Managers, Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators to achieve optimal patient outcomes in the most cost-effective manner for you and your family.

Don’t wait days or weeks for an appointment. Access our local personalised services in the comfort & convenience of your own home today.

We’ve got you covered with Children & Adult Mobile Speech Pathologists operating in the below locations in Australia.

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