Delivering freedom
of mind and body by
influencing movement.

Have you ever thought that the way you move, or breathe, may be central to your wellbeing and performance?

The way we move impacts our mental state. Some of us yearn to be pain-free; some need management of their condition, whilst others seek performance enhancement. The reality is, there is no single way of treating an individual. We have different stories of movement; we have adapted and changed. Our bodies represent where we‘ve been; it‘s who we are.

At Physio Inq, we improve your quality of life by altering the way your body moves. Our philosophy is to enable freedom of mind and body through influencing movement. By understanding the history of your movement; together we can achieve your goals for tomorrow.

Every joint and every muscle impacts your body. We look at the whole you to determine how to influence change. By intervening early you‘ll see better results; we work to prevent problems, not just fix them.

We want you to stand taller, feel stronger and move better.

Find a local Physio Inq service to help reduce your pain, increase your mobility and promote recovery in the most comfortable & relaxing environment a healthcare practice can offer. We have clinics and mobile services across Australia that specialise in the below services.

Feel stronger.
Move better.
Think clearer.

Live a life with less limits

Centres of movement
and wellbeing.

We are industry thought leaders, and by joining the Physio Inq team, you‘ll be one too.

Physio Inq takes a holistic approach to physiotherapy; we study the whole body and offer preventative therapies. Instead of offering reactive therapy like many other physiotherapists on the market, we seek to have tour body move with greater ease and comfort overall.

Our service extends beyond the consultation room. Physio Inq professionals are people you can trust. We become part of your support network and will give you tools to manage your body and get the most out of life. You‘ve heard it before; your health is your number one investment.

Partnering with Physio Inq is the way to invest in your body; investing in your future.

We will continue to grow and help Australians feel strong and live the life they want.

The Physio Inq Head Office Team

Meet Some Of Our Executive Physio Inq Team Members

Jonathan Moody

Jonathan Moody

CEO & Founder
Irene Georgakopoulos

Irene Georgakopoulos

Physio Inq Mobile + Community General Manager & Founder
Jammes Duffy

James Duffy

Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist
Donna Karunaratne

Donna Karunaratne

Finance Manager
Allie Deignan

Allie Deignan

Creative Director
Gillian Dueza

Gillian Dueza

Operations Manager
Ann Obcemia

Ann Obcemia

Physio Inq Mobile + Community Support Services Team Leader
Kim Cousins

Kim Cousins

Physio Inq Mobile + Community Support Services
John Krikis

John Kirkis

Physio Inq Mobile + Community Support Services Administrative Assistant

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