How To Hire Healthcare Staff: 6 Tips For Successful Healthcare Recruitment

Originally Published Jan 31, 2022

Healthcare recruitment in Australia is a challenging task, especially for physiotherapy providers who struggle with the scarcity of high-quality, skilled professionals. To tackle this challenge, it's essential for healthcare businesses to implement effective recruitment strategies.

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  5. Identify your ideal patient load for your physiotherapy business.
  6. Get insights on creating and managing a healthy work culture.
  7. Learn how to conduct a job interview effectively.
  8. Discover how to differentiate between good, great, and not-so-good candidates.

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If you would like to discover the basics of Healthcare recruitment, keep reading below. If you would like to read the full ebook on strategies, click here

Effective Strategies for Healthcare Staff Recruitment

Let's delve into the top recruitment channels to help you source high-quality healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, for your healthcare business.

1. Healthcare Recruitment Agencies

Recruiting staff for the healthcare sector can be daunting, but healthcare recruitment agencies can simplify the process. These agencies specialize in connecting businesses with skilled professionals in the field. Consider partnering with a reputable agency for your recruitment needs.

Some examples of Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in Australia include; Best Practice Medical, Amberley and Randstand

2. Discipline-Specific Websites

Start by researching key websites that operate as job boards for your specific field such as the Australian Physiotherapy Association for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapy Australia website for Occupational Therapists , Speech Pathology Australia for Speech Pathologists, Exercise Physiology, or Personal Training. Every discipline has its niche websites that you can explore to find potential candidates. These platforms often have directories with contact information, allowing you to directly reach out to potential employees. 

3. Job Search Websites

Physio Inq has found success with, a paid recruitment platform that's popular among job seekers in Australia. While it may yield a high volume of responses, the quality may vary, but it's worth considering if you have a recruitment budget.

It might be work trying other job search websites such as Job Search, Workforce Australia, Career One, Head Space and more. 

4. Social Media: Facebook & Instagram

Leverage the power of social media for recruitment. Posting job listings on your Facebook and Instagram business pages can yield significant results. You can also opt to boost your post on these platforms for increased visibility.

5. Facebook Groups and Forums

Facebook groups and forums are vibrant platforms for recruitment. Join healthcare centered groups and participate in the discussion to establish your presence and network. Just ensure that the group rules allow job postings.

6. LinkedIn Job Ads

LinkedIn offers a powerful job board for B2B networking. Post your job listings there and consider LinkedIn Premium for even better results. LinkedIn also allows you to form meaningful connections that can be invaluable for recruitment.

7. Leverage Your LinkedIn Network

Your LinkedIn network can be a treasure trove of potential candidates. Regularly post updates, share relevant news and events, engage with other people's posts, and actively reach out to people associated with healthcare to strengthen your network.

8. Professional Recruiters or Recruitment Agencies

If the task of recruitment seems overwhelming, consider hiring a professional recruiter or recruitment agency. Although this option requires an investment, it can potentially save you money in the long run by reducing employee turnover and onboarding costs.

When it comes to healthcare recruitment, you may need to outsource some of the legwork. Please be aware that this tactic is a paid service. Still, it can be worth it since professional recruiters have strong networks and the special skills to find top talent. Especially as a healthcare business, you’ll want to consider investing in a recruiter to save money in the long run.

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