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Did you know that there are Physiotherapists who specialise in women’s health related issues?

Women’s health physiotherapy is a non-surgical treatment used for a number of women’s health problems. As many as one in three women in Australia will experience some kind of women’s health problem during their lifetime, but more often than not they are too embarrassed to seek professional help.

Dealing with issues of the female body can be daunting, embarrassing and difficult. That’s why we have team of clinic and mobile trained women's health physiotherapists across Australia who will treat every client with kindness, compassion and the utmost of professionalism.

A Physio Inq women’s health and physiotherapist can assist with the management and treatment of conditions affecting women throughout their life stages - from early adulthood, through the child bearing years, menopause and into older age. Our women's health physiotherapists take a "whole body" approach to treatment.

They look at the impact of musculoskeletal dysfunction, posture, core stability and pelvic floor dysfunction on your condition.

We believe in the manual treatment approach, but also focus on exercise and self- management strategies to ensure you get the best outcome.

No matter how small or big your issue is, our Physio Inq Womens Health Physiotherapists will take time to understand your journey so far, and together, find solutions to getting you back to feeling you!

How can a Women's Health Physiotherapist help?

  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Lower back & neck pain
  • Abdominal muscle weakness, separation & bulging
  • Breast problems
  • Incontinence & prolapse
  • Sciatic pain
  • Rib pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Post cesarean pain
  • Stability
  • Ligament/muscle strains
  • Coccyx or tailbone pain
  • Cesarean scar pain
  • Bladder and bowel incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • And much more

Other types of Physiotherapy our clinics & mobile services offer:

We want you to stand taller, feel stronger and move better.

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Feel stronger.
Move better.
Think clearer.

Live a life with less limits

Live a life
with less limits.

At Physio Inq, we improve your quality of life by looking at all the details. Our philosophy is to enable freedom of mind and movement through physical therapies. Your body is your best asset, and a healthy body requires all the parts to work. We need to understand where you are, before we can get you to where you want to go.

Each part of the movement system impacts the rest of your body. By examining the entire system, and measuring its changes, we can offer preventative therapies helping you respond to injuries you may be facing. We will help you change the way you move so you can stand taller, jump higher, stretch deeper, and have the energy to lead the life you want.

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