[Podcast] The Mentor with Mark Bouris: Jonathan Moody | Physio Inq

[Podcast] The Mentor with Mark Bouris: Jonathan Moody | Physio Inq

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Mentor Podcast

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Episode Description

Jonathan Moody is the Founder and CEO of Physio Inq, a physiotherapy business that takes people through simple changes that have profound effects on athletic performance and pain relief. Physio Inq started as a bricks and mortar clinic in 2006 in Western Sydney, and the business now has 14 clinics and 300 staff across Australia, with a new arm of mobile and in-home care for disability & aged care. In the last year, Physio Inq’s commitment to their clients went into overdrive, and the business looked at telehealth offerings and how they could use technology not just as an alternative, but as potentially a superior option to face-to-face treatments. I ask Jonathan how the business has leveraged technology in its offering and why the relationship between the different sciences is so important to his business.

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