Job Ready with Transferable Skills

Originally Published Oct 23, 2020

During Covid, one of our biggest challenges we’ve had is hiring great people to fill new roles and as a result, we’ve had to shift our thinking when it comes to what we look for in a great candidate.

“Soft skills” also known as transferable skills, are really important in our industry, especially with the work we do in aged care and disability.

Our CEO Jonathan Moody had the opportunity to speak to Channel 7 Sunrise about this topic alongside one of our amazing state managers, Aaron Howlett, who joined us at the start of Covid and has done an exceptional job managing a team of 40+ people during the Victorian lockdown.

Watch Jonathan and Aaron’s interview here:

If you’re a great health clinician or you just have a passion for people, check out our employment opportunities here, or reach out to our team at 1300 731 733. We’d love to hear from you.

Why Physio Inq?

Our Purpose - Why We Exist

To demonstrate that a health care business model based on autonomy, innovation and success of our team is the most commercially and socially effective model, consistently creating happiness and fulfilment for those we come into contact with.

Our Mission - How We Act

To exceed our team and our customers' expectations throughout their entire journey with us.

Our Core Business - What We Do

Provide incredible person centred allied health services and solutions.

Our Unique Values


We understand that context is everything. Every person is given the opportunity to be listened to, to be supported, and if necessary to be helped. Clients, employees, managers alike. This leads to an environment whereby all employees feel empowered to admit and own their mistakes. They will be greeted with compassion and a desire to assist in improving future outcomes.


Surprisingly, the individual’s needs lie at the centre of all decision making processes. There is nothing more important than the individual at any moment in time. From the client, during their consultation, to the therapist working long hours, to the manager needing to juggle activities, to the board who governs. To make this work, all individuals have clearly defined objectives that are most important for them to achieve their goals. As long as these goals align with the company’s vision and strategy, there is perfect harmony that allows individuals to thrive amongst a broader organisational context. This allows the advancement of individual human experience at all levels.


Execution is key in delivering any initiative. We understand it is the only game in town. We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to clearly defined goals and objectives

Equality of Opportunity

We place equality of the individual at the forefront of all relationships. Organisational hierarchies are essential for processes, training and reporting, but equality of relationships underpins the respect we have one another, the opportunities that we may experience and the environment in which we work. We understand that is different to equality of outcome, which is in the hands of the empowered individual.

Team Work

Through a collaborative model of learning, problem solving and management, we strive for team-based initiatives, where possible. Many proactive and positive minds contributing to a project makes for a stronger and more robust culture and commercial operation. Permission to provide feedback is one of the key components of team work. All team members are encouraged to express their opinion and be respected for their perspective. Feedback is always constructive, relevant and assists in advancing the goals of both the individual and the organisation.

Quality Through Innovation

Quality through innovation is at the core of our service delivery, our management and our training. We hold ourselves accountable to the only highest of standards to ensure we execute the most effective client services, the most effective employment pathways and create the most informed business owners.



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