Building a Franchise Network during a Pandemic

Building a Franchise Network during a Pandemic

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Founder and Pinq Business Partner, Jonathan Moody went live with Ahron Young from Ticker TV to talk about building a franchise during a pandemic.

As the pandemic hit, Physio Inq slashed their upfront franchise fees by 85% to lower the financial barrier to opening a Physio Inq clinic.

“I strongly believe money should never be a barrier for a great human being to become a business leader in the Physio Inq network. We focus on finding the right people for the job based on their potential as a business leader and don’t settle for anything less.” – Jonathan Moody

Check out the full video here

If you’re looking for new opportunities in the allied health sector, and are considering joining Physio Inq as a Pinq Business partner, click here.

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