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Health care services for NDIS participants and Aged Care clients hold a very close place in the heart of Physio Inq. Assisting those most in need is what makes our dedicated team of allied health specialists get out of bed every morning with a spring in their step.

At Physio Inq, we improve quality of life by looking at all of the details. Our philosophy is to enable freedom of mind and movement through physical therapies. We need to understand who and where you are physically, before we can get you to where you want to be.

Each part of the movement system impacts the rest of your body. By examining the entire system, and measuring its changes, we can offer therapies which can help the body respond to injuries or circumstances it may be facing. Whether it be our disability services or our aged care services, Physio Inq understands that each client and their wants, needs and journey is unique and personal. Our therapists are warm, welcoming and focused on communication, treatment and care in the pursuit of your goals.

Physio Inq health care professionals are people you can trust and rely upon. Our mobile services include:

  • Physiotherapy;
  • Exercise Physiology;
  • Podiatry, and
  • Occupational Therapy.


To enable
freedom of
mind and body
through influencing

The National Disability Insurance Scheme and Aged Care services have changed the game, and will continue to evolve, as we evolve with it. Currently we have an agile group of therapists who respond to the ever-changing demands of the system and guide their clients through each step of the way.

Our physiotherapy services make a positive difference to the lives of people with a disability, the elderly, their families and their careers. From a therapeutic standpoint, our Physiotherapists who specialise in disability currently treat a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Motor Neuron Disease;
  • Chromosomal Disorders;
  • Spinal Disorders;
  • Genetic Conditions;
  • Plus many more.

Our expert Physiotherapists have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in treating or alleviating the following:

  • Back or neck pain;
  • Arthritis;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Repetitive strain injury;
  • Problems affecting the nervous system;
  • And much more.

Your individual Physiotherapist will tailor a therapy program to suit your needs and goals, and will always be there, rain, hail or shine for whenever you require them. Contact us today for more information on how our Physiotherapists can help you throughout your journey.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology
to help get the most
out of your life.

Exercise Physiology is aimed at preventing or managing chronic disease or injury. Whether you are injured, have a disability, are ageing, or need to simply enhance your current physical form, an exercise physiologist can create a tailored program to improve your health and well-being.

Exercise Physiologists specialise in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic disease, disabilities and injuries. Whether it is:

  • Transfer and mobility training;
  • Walking and balance training;
  • Aged care strength and stretching programs;
  • Disability performance enhancement.

Our exercise physiologists work in conjunction with your practitioner to ensure all areas of your injury/condition are being properly addressed and appropriately managed.

If you are unsure whether an exercise physiologist is for you, give us a call to arrange a chat with one of our amazing talents. We look forward to making your body move more freely, in a more enhanced way!


Effective mobile podiatry
services to help you
through your journey.

Physio Inq provide qualified podiatrists who can visit you in the comfort of your own home. As a NDIS and Aged Care health service, we bring all the required equipment and expertise necessary to provide a high-quality assessment, evaluation, and treatment plan. You won't need to worry about transport to get the care you deserve and need.

Our podiatrists can effectively handle:

  • Diabetic feet and lower limbs;
  • Foot care;
  • Toe nail care;
  • Bunions and callouses;
  • Orthotic intervention and splints;
  • Biomechanical assessments;
  • Minor surgeries;
  • Injections for pain relief and healing.

Get in touch with our incredible team today to discuss your needs and have your lower limbs cared for and treated today!

Occupational Therapy

Get back to life
with an Occupational

An occupational therapist (OT) work with people to complete the activities that they need and want to do each and every day.

The goal of OT is to get the best fit between the you as the person, the activity and the environment that you perform that activity.

The areas in which Physio Inq Occupational Therapists work in include:

People with Disabilities & NDIS Participants

People living with disability are challenged daily by their condition. Physio Inq OT's work with their clients to achieve their goals for participation, independence and well-being. As an NDIS provider, Physio Inq OT can support your NDIS plan with assistive technology, home modifications, capacity building, improved daily living assessments and subsequent recommendations. Physio Inq OT provides consultations for physical and cognitive disabilities.

Aged Care

As people age, they can find it increasingly harder to maintain their independence and to continue enjoying the activities they once did. Occupational therapy can provide much-needed value and assistance. A Physio Inq OT can evaluate each person and determine what changes they need to make both in themselves and their homes, in order to continue enjoying their independence.

Ageing brings with it challenges to perform activities, Physio Inq OT’s work with you to maintain independence. This is achieved by assessing people to maintain access to their home, reduce risk of falling while completing the activity they complete daily and identifying strategies or equipment that supports people to continue to complete these tasks.

Our OT's have all the equipment and skill-sets they need to carry out in home treatments of any type. Whether it be:

  • Home modifications
  • Specialised Equipment prescription
  • Home rehabilitation
  • Falls prevention
  • Home environmental assessment
  • Structural modification
  • Specialised seating/ wheelchair prescription
  • Scooter & mobility assessment and training
  • Palliative care
  • Chronic pain management
  • Stroke & neurological rehabilitation
  • Driving assessment & rehabilitation
  • Home access & vehicle assessments
  • Links to community facilities & resource
  • Bathroom modification review/application
  • Access solutions
  • Pressure care
  • Pressure cushion
  • Pressure mattress
  • Pressure area care
  • Electric bed and chair prescription/review
  • Dementia Care & Planning

We will assist you and your family in any way that can improve daily function and activities. After an initial assessment, your Physio Inq OT will coordinate with you, other relevant professionals, carers, and family members to assist in developing a treatment plan and strategy that is best suited.

We offer a variety of payment methods in the most flexible of ways, to suit your needs. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need to see an OT, give one of our amazing Physio Inq team members a call today to discuss your needs.

NDIS Services

NDIS Finance &
Plan Managers

We look after your NDIS Plan, so you can look after you

Financial and Plan management is a truly frustrating area for most participants. Navigating the world of plan co-ordination, reviews, claims, payment and so on is one that can be time consuming, confusing and unnecessary stress on clients and families. We’ve heard the frustrations and feedback of our community and have delivered and developed an exceptional team of NDIS finance and plan managers,.

We have built our team of plan and finance managers around all of the lessons we have learnt from inside the machine from a participant’s view point. Our central tenant is that the participant always comes first. Always.

We will liaise with you in person, come to your home to discuss your needs and tailor a package and a communication program to suit your lifestyle. We will report with you on your plan and discuss strategies and ways to make your dollar go further.

NDIS Support & Coordination

Next Level Care With Our Support Coordinators

NDIS can be a frightening place. A new world of new concepts, finances, ideas and schedules that may be foreign to most. Negotiating on services, planning activities, liaising with companies and providers and more can be too much for some to handle.

Thankfully our team of dedicated and experienced support co-ordinators have a special touch to make the navigating of this mine field one where you will have your hand held all along the way. Our personable crew of amazing support staff work closely with you to solve your daily struggles with anything and everything to do with your life and disability.

Our team will provide assistance to strengthen your participant’s abilities to coordinate supports & participate in the community. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity & resilience in a participant's network & coordinating supports from a range of sources.

Our Mobile & Community Team

Meet some of our dedicated Mobile + Community Staff

Irene Georgakopoulos

Physio Inq Mobile + Community General Manager & Founder

Jasmine Grewal

Associate Mobile Physiotherapist

Glenn Smith

Associate Mobile Physiotherapist

Hannah Coghill

Associate Paediatric Mobile Physiotherapist

Melinda Coffey

Mobile Occupational Therapist

Sonya Kelly

Mobile Exercise Physiologist

Emily Mc Keown

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination

Stephanie Gaynor

NDIS Support Coordinator

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