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We Bring The Expertise Of Clinical Exercise Physiologists To You

Exercise Physiology is all about creating better bodies. Whether you are injured, have a disability, are ageing, or need to simply enhance your current physical condition, our create tailored programs to improve your performance.

At Physio Inq, our Exercise Physiologists work closely along-side with our Physiotherapists in carrying out and developing exercise programs for rehabilitation, management and prevention of sports injuries and chronic diseases.

They are not just glorified personal trainers. They are experts at defining just what it is that your body needs to move more effectively on a day to day basis. Whether it is

  • Transfer and mobility training
  • Walking and balance training
  • Strength and conditioning for sport
  • Aged care strength and stretching programs
  • Disability performance enhancement

If you are unsure whether an exercise physiologist is for you, give us a call to arrange a chat with one of our amazing talents. We look forward to making your body move more freely, in a more enhanced way!

Our Exercise Physiologists are eligible to register with Medicare Australia, and WorkCover are recognised by most private health insurers.

Feel stronger.
Move better.
Think clearer.

Live a life with less limits

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