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Paediatric Physiotherapists are a vital component to the health and well being of children who may have any number of conditions, both genetic, acquired or other. Physio Inq has a team of wonderful Physiotherapists, as well as specialised Paediatric Physiotherapists in your area who can actively assist you and your family to address their health concerns!

What does a Paediatric Physio Do?

  • Promote the health and well being and physical independence of children
  • Specialise in child development and assessment
  • Work on specific physical targets especially post operatively
  • Carry out assessments of function, strength, mobility and posture
  • Treat short term childhood conditions such as Osgood Schlatter's
  • Increase functional skills and participation in activities and play
  • Increase a child’s ability to access their wider community
  • Empower families to feel confident in carrying out physical management strategies

Paediatric Physiotherapist’s work with children as young as infants, all the way up to 19 year olds. We commonly work with kids at the critical stages of their development and growth. Helping children with physiotherapy is quite unique and specialised from an anatomical, physiological and psychological perspective.

What conditions do our Paediatric Physio’s treat?

  • Neuromuscular disorders e.g. muscular dystrophy
  • Neurological conditions e.g. cerebral palsy, head injury
  • Congenital disorders e.g. spina bifida, limb deficiencies
  • Orthopaedic conditions e.g. talipes, torticollis, plagiocephaly
  • Congenital syndromes and metabolic diseases
  • Conditions where mobility is affected
  • Developmental delay
  • Co-ordination difficulties
  • Problems with walking e.g. in toeing gait or tip toe walking
  • Babies who are born prematurely
  • Hypermobility
  • Postural problems e.g back pain or W sitting
  • Pains related to the growing child
  • Acute injuries e.g. fractures, sports injuries
  • Respiratory conditions e.g. asthma, cystic fibrosis
  • Rheumatological conditions e.g. juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Our Paediatric Physiotherapists can off early intervention for children who may have neurological and developmental delays as well as sensory impairments related to hearing and vision.

We are commonly asked when should you refer to a Paediatric Physio, early or late?

When it comes to delayed gross motor skills:

  • Not sitting by themselves at 9 months
  • Not standing at 12 months
  • Not walking at 14-16 months
  • Can’t go up or down steps by 2.5 years
  • Not able to run at 3 years
  • Unable to jump or hop at 4 years

And if your child displays these signs, it is worthwhile to get an opinion from one of our therapists;

  • Unbalanced on their feet or they are ‘clumsy’
  • Fatigue when walking or carrying out physical activity
  • Complains of limb pain
  • Has poor posture e.g W sitting or unable to sit well in a chair
  • Co-ordination difficulties
  • Children who are struggling to keep up with their peers physically
  • Reduced movement
  • Stiffness in their legs or arms

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