Northern Beaches Mobile Physiotherapy

If you or your loved ones face challenges accessing traditional in-clinic physiotherapy, Physio Inq offers a convenient alternative through our mobile physiotherapy services.

Our team can bring personalised, goal-orientated, and professional care directly to where you are. With this option, your specific needs can be met in the familiar and comfortable environment of your own home.

Get to know more about physiotherapy and our services below.

Types of physio services

The need for physiotherapy – whether in-clinic or mobile physiotherapy – can stem from unique life circumstances such as natural age-related changes, the aftermath of accidents, the recovery process following surgery or a decline in health, and much more.

In older adults, physiotherapy is crucial for managing age-related changes in physical function, reducing the risk of falls, maintaining overall health, and beyond.

For those recovering from accidents, it offers various benefits, such as alleviating pain, restoring strength, and improving mobility.

Post-surgery patients also benefit from physio, including pain relief, enhanced range of motion, and regained strength.

Each scenario calls for a certain approach to help individuals achieve their goals. Understanding the different types of physiotherapy services can guide you or your loved ones in seeking appropriate care. Here are some:

Physiotherapy for the elderly: With expertise in addressing the unique needs of seniors, this service aims to improve mobility, strength, independence, and more, focusing on age-related challenges like balance and fall prevention.

Physiotherapy for people with disabilities: This is an essential service for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants in Australia. This service helps NDIS physiotherapy participants work towards their goals, often by helping them improve their mobility and quality of life.

Paediatric physiotherapy: Designed for children, this service addresses developmental delays, musculoskeletal issues, neurological disorders, and much more with a gentle, effective approach. 

Challenges in accessing physiotherapy at traditional clinics

Access to quality physiotherapy care is crucial for many individuals dealing with injuries, chronic pain, rehabilitation after surgery, and the like. However, while traditional physio clinics offer valuable services, there can be challenges that make accessing care difficult for some care recipients, such as:


One significant hurdle faced by care recipients is the accessibility of traditional clinics. For some care recipients, traditional clinics are not conveniently located, necessitating long travel times or the navigation of transportation or parking barriers. This can be particularly challenging for those living in remote areas or for individuals without reliable transport means.

Mobile physiotherapists carry all the equipment required for your sessions, providing you with convenient and accessible physiotherapy services at home.

Mobility limitations

There are also some care recipients who struggle with mobility, whether due to their condition or other factors, and may find it difficult to visit a traditional clinic. This difficulty not only affects their ability to receive timely care but can also impact the overall rehabilitation process, as consistent and individualised care is crucial for recovery.

For such situations, mobile physiotherapy emerges as a valuable alternative. By providing individualised care directly in the patient’s home or community setting, home-based rehab and physiotherapy can address these challenges. 

Other Physiotherapy services that Physio Inq is able to offer 

Physio Inq Physiotherapists create a custom treatment plan to improve your specific physical challenges - whatever those challenges may be.

About Physio Inq's Care

  • Strong history in home based care
  • Over 200 clinical experts in home physiotherapy services
  • NDIS registered provider
  • Home Care Package (HCP) and Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)*
  • A commitment to expediting referrals based on clinical needs
  • Dedicated contact person for your business
  • Access to multiple disciplines and services under one roof
  • Large geographical coverage
  • High quality reporting
  • Experienced clinical staff

* through partnerships with your registered provider

We are committed to providing our service In-Home wherever possible. From time to time, circumstances such as staffing, demand and availability may prevent this from occurring. In those instances, we will assist in arranging alternative service methods such as telehealth for Physiotherapy.

Suburbs that our therapists currently service in Northern Beaches, New South Wales:

Mobile Physiotherapy

Physio Inq brings professional physiotherapy to you

At Physio Inq, we’ve revolutionised the way you receive care with a multi-disciplinary approach that’s focused on holistic, goal-orientated, and effective care.

Mobile physio services

Our in-home and mobile physiotherapy services are designed to bring the expertise of qualified physiotherapists right to your environment. Whether it’s in your living room, your child’s playroom, or wherever you may be, we eliminate the need for travel and the associated hassles like parking. Each mobile physiotherapy session is an individualised, comprehensive, and goal-oriented process.

In-clinic option

In addition to our mobile services, Physio Inq has a network of clinics across New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia. Our clinics offer a serene space staffed by friendly professionals.

If you prefer an in-clinic experience, you can easily locate the nearest Physio Inq clinic via our website. On our website, you can also connect with our team, gather more information, and schedule an appointment at your convenience.


For those who prefer virtual physio sessions or are situated in remote locations, our telehealth physiotherapy services are an ideal solution. Our intuitive online platform enables you to interact with our therapists in a virtual setting. Remote rehab helps ensure that your concerns are addressed as effectively as they would be in person.

Physio Inq is committed to making physiotherapy accessible and convenient for all Australians, eliminating the need for endless searches for ‘physiotherapist near me’ or 'physiotherapy clinic near me’.

Whether you opt for our in-clinic services, mobile physiotherapy, or telehealth sessions, our goal is to be a vital part of your support network, helping you live a life with less limits.

Make an appointment at Physio Inq with ease

At Physio Inq, we make scheduling your physiotherapy appointment straightforward and hassle-free. There’s no need for endless online searches of ‘physio Sydney’, ‘at-home therapy’, and similar terms. Our streamlined booking process allows you to quickly and easily arrange for our physiotherapy services.

Our highly qualified therapists are just a click away and are committed to working with you to ensure that your family’s needs are met. We focus on individualised, one-on-one sessions, incorporating innovative techniques to engage, challenge, and inspire positive change.

Contact us today to book your appointment or make a referral!

Live a life with less limits

We See You Where It Suits You

Physio Inq is your premium partner for all your Physiotherapy & Allied Healthcare requirements for in home, in clinic and online services throughout Australia.

Physio Inq exists to provide reliable, experienced, and forward-thinking care to the community – we are passionate about Australian’s living a life with less limits.

We provide in home, online and clinic solutions for your Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology & Exercise Physiology needs across Australia.

Our therapists are experts in their respective fields, and we believe every client deserves an incredible experience. We see people of all ages, with a large team that treat people across the lifespan, from paediatrics to geriatrics

Who can we help & assist?

  • Private Clients
  • NDIS Participants
  • Home Care Packages
  • Transport Accident Commissions (TAC)
  • WorkCover
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (Only in clinic)

At Physio Inq we aim to create happiness and fulfilment for all we come in contact with – this includes our staff and those we serve.

Health for You – In Home, In Clinic & Online

Across the country our local Allied Health services include:

NDIS Registered Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Physiotherapy is the term we use to describe physiotherapy that comes to you. We are able to deliver the service in your home, or anywhere you prefer in your community. This could be your workplace, home, nursing home, local gym or pool, we will you there.

Our physiotherapists provide a person centred, and goal orientated service. We work with you as a team to provide best in market care. At your first session, the physiotherapist will be sure to introduce themselves, and listen to your concerns, history and why your are engaging in physiotherapy. They will review any reports, plans or relevant medical information also.

After listening to your concerns and goals - your physiotherapist may review how you move. This may involve hands on assessment of joints, muscles, movement and more. This allows our expert physiotherapists to establish what may be contributing to your concerns. 

After a comprehensive assessment, the physiotherapist will discuss with you outcomes, and propose an agreed treatment plan to help you achieve your desired goals from treatment. 

We have a dedicated customer service team to assist you in booking an appointment. This team will discuss with your needs, any treatment preferences and where you would like to be seen (in your home, community etc).

At Physio Inq we aim to see all new clients as soon as possible - to meet your needs. In many areas we have immediate availability, meaning you can be seen inside 48 hours. In areas of longer wait times, we of course communicate this with you and book a time suitable in the future. 

What do I need to bring along to my first appointment?

It is helpful if you have any information or reports from your General Practitioner (GP) that may be appropriate and may assist us in understanding what your needs are. If you are an NDIS participant, a copy of your NDIS plan Goals is also helpful to guide our assessment and identify what areas you may require our assistance.

We encourage you to be comfortable at your appointments - so clothing that you are comfortable in is best. 

Our prices vary dependent upon services required and your geographic location. A Copy of our price guide can be found here. Our customer service team will provide you with your pricing based on your individual circumstances in your initial contact with them.,

Our therapists carry around a payment square with them at all times allowing them to process payment from your credit or Visa Debit card on the spot.

You will be issued with an invoice straight away that you can use to claim back from your Health fund or Medicare online.

Rebate from your health fund is completely dependent on your level of insurance cover..We encourage you to call your personal health fund to ask what your package rebate amount is. It varies from package to package, with some clients ear You will need to call your personal health fund to ask what your package rebate amount is. It varies from package to package, with some clients earning up to an 80% rebate on the cost of their sessions.

Consultation length varies dependent on your individual needs. Our initial consultations may take up to 1 hour, and follow up sessions may vary but most commonly are an hour in duration.

Our services are available with a referral. 

Certain funding types require appropriate referral, these will be discussed with you at the time of booking your appointment with our customer service team. 

At Physio Inq, we are happy to accept referrals in your preferred method, these include:

Phone: 1300 731 733



We are currently covering New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania & Western Australia.

We are indeed one of the first NDIS Allied Health providers in Australia, being involved with the first rollout in NSW. We know NDIS very well and our therapists are highly trained in the scheme.

Yes, the NDIS does cover physiotherapy assessment when deemed reasonable and necessary.

Allied health services such as physiotherapy are funded under the ‘Improved Health and Wellbeing’ and/or ‘Improved Daily Living’ categories of your NDIS Capacity Building Supports budget.

The NDIS is responsible for funding allied health and other therapy services related to a person’s disability. These therapies fall under the NDIS ‘Capacity Building’ support budget. Allied health services such as physiotherapy are funded under the ‘Improved Health and Wellbeing’ and/or ‘Improved Daily Living’ categories of your NDIS Capacity Building Supports budget.

Yes, we do see clients under My Aged Care who have their packages managed by a Provider. If you would like to see us, we will organise a Service Agreement with your plan manager and bill them directly under your My Aged Care Package.

Paediatric physiotherapy is treatment of children from birth to 18 years of age.

Paediatric physiotherapists have expert skills in the assessment, identification, diagnosis of, and treatment of child development and movement difficulties as well as injuries.

A paediatric examination differs to an adult in many ways. These range from different communication methods with the child that allow improved engagement and quality to different assessments used to reflect the differing nature of a child's body and its movements in comparison to an adult.

Physiotherapists can help both children and adults who have autism to help develop physical and motor skills. By working on basic skills such as sitting, standing, playing, kicking and more physiotherapists asst with improved balance, strength, and motor skills.

Physiotherapy for people with learning disabilities can involve assistance with postural care, management of long-term conditions and recommendation of specific treatments.

Physiotherapy has been shown to improve gross motor skills in people with intellectual disability when tailored programs are used as well as reduce the risk of falls.

Physiotherapy can enable people to relearn lost abilities, regain independence and reduce the risk of further strokes. Physiotherapy is key to recovery of function and mobility after stroke which helps with return to previous levels of function and reintegration into the community after stroke. Specific and tailored exercise programs are used to achieve client goals.

Under the NDIS scheme we have access to interpreters who can be arranged free of charge to come to the initial assessment to assist with the appointment.

Simply let us know if you need this and we will arrange this for you.

Otherwise, we are able to organise sessions when family members might be present to assist with communication, or match the client with a therapist who speaks the same language if that is available.

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