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Physio Inq is on the march. We are looking to innovative and forward thinking Physiotherapists who want to be their own boss and join the movement.

Physio Inq is expanding nationally and bringing on business owners keen to License Physio Inq’s systems, processes, marketing and business support to run their Allied Health Clinics in the most efficient and forward thinking way.

The Physio Inq Story

Physio Inq enables freedom of mind, movement and pain through our three core principles. Innovation, Relentlessness and Uncompromising Empathy. Your health is your number one asset; and our number one concern.

Each part of your movement system impacts every other part of your body. We examine the entire system, innovate and implement, measure results, and offer preventative therapies that help you respond to an uncertain future. We enhance the way you move, allowing you to stand taller, jump higher, stretch deeper, and have more energy to lead the life you desire.

Our service extends beyond the consultation room. Physio Inq professionals are people you can depend on. We are your total support network, giving you tools to manage your injury and get the most out of your life.

Centre of Movement and Well Being.

Our Unique Business

We are industry thought leaders, and by joining the Physio Inq team, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a movement. Physio Inq takes a holistic approach to physiotherapy: We study the whole body and offer holistic, innovative intervention and preventative therapies. Instead of offering localized reactive therapy like many other physiotherapists on the market, we want to know every detail of our clients.

We want to know what goals our clients want to reach, and we will not fail in getting them there. Our network currently comprises of 10 locations and services over 5000 clients every month. We are now looking for new business partners to take our expansion even further. We provide our new business partners with the best opportunities to grow within the Physio Inq network. As a Physio Inq business owner, you’ll have the training and support that sets up your framework to succeed. We believe in working together, and our success stems from the success of our Physio Inq owners. Culture is literally everything at Physio Inq and the entire eco system is centred around building an beautiful and warm culture by holding the three core values of innovation, execution and love at its core.

In addition, we offer a strong brand and extensive marketing support, as well as the latest physiotherapy technologies. Physio Inq has no signs of slowing down. We will continue to grow and help Australians feel strong and live the life they want.

Am I A Good Fit

We’re looking for people who believe in what we do, and want to do it better than anyone else. Our business is built on the people who make it. If you were to describe yourself in three words, they would be: confident, personable and committed. If you want to commit to Innovative Disruption, Relentless Execution and Uncompromising Love, you are a good fit.

You’ll have a minimum of 3 years experience working in physical therapy, and the qualification to match. With a process driven mind, you’ll easily adapt to the Physio Inq network. By showing initiative and a hands on approach, you’ll want to drive the success of your business.

As a Physio Inq business owner, you’ll:

  • Be involved in your local community
  • Believe in social responsibility
  • Follow clinical governance practice
  • Execute local area marketing
  • Build rapport with your clients
  • Provide support to your staff
  • Adhere to Physio Inq brand guidelines

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Healthcare Innovation.

Incredible Benefits.

A fast-growing business

Physio Inq began as a family company in Sydney, and those family values still remain today. Jonathan Moody and Irene Georgakopoulos founded Physio Inq and subsequently attracted some of the best physiotherapists in Sydney. The talent of the therapeutic and support staff showed when the business quickly began to grow, and within five years Physio Inq opened its fifth location.

Focusing on a holistic solution to client care, Physio Inq now has more than 10 locations offering preventative therapies to over 5000 clients a month. We commit to a remarkable North Star; To positively impact the lives of One Million Australians Annually.

Connected with Clients

Health is an investment, and our goal is to educate people on how to feel strong and healthy in their body. Marketing is the best tool to use to do this, and our marketing strategy centres on the client. Our strategy is built on two key pillars:

National Marketing Plan

We have created a marketing plan to accommodate the national expansion of Physio Inq. We have a comprehensive website and digital platform. Our collateral and visual merchandising is expertly designed, so you’ll enjoy all the perks of working with a top brand.

Local Area Marketing

As a Physio Inq business owner, you’ll have complete access to branded collateral. We encourage you to use them for print, digital and social media. Community is a big part of what we do, and want you to seek out and partner with community initiatives that align with the Physio Inq brand.

Training & Development

We are an industry thought leader, and we educate our staff just as much as we educate our clients. Licensees will benefit from joining a License system that provides a supportive structure. Through personal mentorship and development we foster the talent of our Physio Inq business owners. We offer internal training hubs and personal mentorship and development programs.

We believe in rewarding people for their hard work. We take the time to recognise business owners and staff for the help they provide clients. As a Physio Inq business owner you’ll enjoy:

  • Awards nights
  • Physio Inq business owner of the Year and Month
  • Most improved monthly recognition
  • Charitable events
  • Personal training and mentorship

State-of-the-art facilities

Our start of the art facilities offer a space for our clients to receive the best help Physio Inq can provide, and an environment in which you can change lives.

  • Interactive space for front of house and after care
  • Innovative technology: POS and wearable tech
  • Physio Inq Academy- Dedicated Youtube channel
  • Alternative training solutions
  • Industry R&D Centre with strong research article publications

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