The way we
move impacts
our mental state.

Have you ever thought about the way you walk? Making simple changes to refine your movement can have profound effects on athletic performance, pain relief and peace of mind. You’ll have superior control of your muscles and reduce your body’s limitations.

At Physio Inq, we improve your quality of life by looking at all the details. Our philosophy is to enable freedom of mind and movement through physical therapies. Your body is your best asset, and a healthy body requires all the parts to work. We need to understand where you are before we can get you to where you want to go.

Each part of the movement system impacts the rest of your body. By examining the entire system, and measuring its changes, we can offer preventative therapies helping you respond to.

Our expert clinicians are highly trained in a wide range of physiotherapy disciplines

Helping Hands

Improve the life of everyone who walks through our door, including our licensees and staff.

Best Practice

We hold ourselves accountable to a high level of standards that ensure we deliver on client service and treatment.

Working Together

From operations to HR and client care, we believe that every part of our business is connected. Each department works in conjunction with one another so that licensees have the support they need to succeed.


Seek out education and new therapies to deliver the best care to our clients.

Feel stronger.
Move better.
Think clearer.

Live a life with less limits

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