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Originally Published Aug 25, 2021

Spotlight on wellness, Jonathan Moody sits down with Inside Franchise Business
Spotlight on wellness, Jonathan Moody sits down with Inside Franchise Business

Physio Inq is underpinned by three house rules which guide the business: employees come first; every client deserves an amazing experience; and referrals are treated like royalty.

“Wellness needs to be a part of someone’s life, not the complete focus,” says founder Jonathan Moody. “Seeing progress means that clients can fail one or two days and all is not lost. Rather than having the ‘I’ll start on Monday’ mindset, the wellness industry needs to be encouraging clients to do a little bit each day, however small that might be.” He says, “The pursuit of perfection has been a focus in the past and we should instead look at progress, not perfection.”


“Physio Inq is an award-winning allied health franchise with the goal to have 100 clinics across Australia in five years, as well as 500 practitioners servicing clients in-home."

“We are on track to become a household name in the healthcare market and be known for our relentlessly caring approach.”


“We have made some key hires in 2021 so far, which will be integral in scaling the network.”

New hires include a chief financial officer, chief development officer, a people development and experience manager, and promoting a senior manager to the position of chief operating officer.

“With this investment in people who will support and make up the infrastructure of Physio Inq, we will then streamline processes for growth.”

“Another decision that we made in 2020 was to lower one of the barriers to becoming an owner by allowing anyone with or without allied health practical experience to become a franchisee.”


“We are growing our network organically at the moment and looking internally on those who show the signs of a great business owner.”

“Most of our new clinics have been opened by practitioners who were already working within our network but were keen on taking the next step in their careers. A few of our franchisees have also been growing their own network and opening their second unit.”


How long have you been trading? 15 years
How long franchising? Since 2018
How long is a franchise term? Five years but there are no lock-in contracts
What is the upfront franchise investment? $6500
What are the franchise fees/marketing levies? We have a flat fee of $2750 per month

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