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Pre-Season Screening | Injury Prevention Tips

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Before starting/recommencing any competitive sport or any new physical activity, it's critical that any existing or pre-existing injuries and muscle imbalances can be determined, addressed and treated to reduce a person's risk of suffering a minor or severe injury. A pre-screening can combat and drastically reduce the chances of sustaining an injury.


A physical screening involves the use of sport specific fitness testing to determine an athlete's musculoskeletal deficits or abnormalities identified by a physiotherapist.

A typical pre-screening looks into:

  • Strength
  • Joint and Muscle range of motion
  • Functional Movement
  • Age
  • Hyper/hypomobility
  • Functional-specific testing related to the individual's sport

Once the pre-screening assessment has been conducted, recommendations based on the athlete’s results will receive a modified program to meet their needs and address the areas in where they need to improve on and highlight areas of concern.

These pre-screening assessments are crucial for any professional athletes; however, they can also be of value for anyone who is about to commence an exercise, sport, strength training program or weight loss program to get a gauge of any predisposed injuries that they might be at risk of.

If you’re a local athlete or team about to launch into a taxing pre-season campaign or you might be starting up a new training regime/program, a physical screening will save you from any potential injury along with the long-term hit to the wallet.

If you need to book in for your pre-screening assessment make sure you contact your local Physio Inq clinic today or feel free to call one of our physiotherapists to see if a pre-screening assessment is appropriate for you.

Stay in the game and not out of it, this year.


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