Cycling Physio | Is it worth getting a Bike Fit?

Originally Published May 21, 2020

Over here at Physio Inq Sutherland, we have been doing lots of professional bike fitting. There are many benefits of getting an experienced and passionate cycling physio to help you with a bike fit: we are uniquely placed to take an individual approach to your physiology, your training and Bike Fit goals, and to make changes to reduce or prevent pain while riding. Here we answer the frequently asked questions.

Sutherland Physio bike fit Sydney

What is a Bike Fit?

Bike Fit is about making sure that the bike fits you, rather than you trying to fit the bike! Technically it is the process of correctly setting up a bike to optimize cycling comfort, performance and efficiency, aiming to prevent overuse injuries and encourage more consistent riding.

Why does a physiotherapist do Bike Fit?

Most people want a Bike Fit because they are getting pain on the bike. A physiotherapist is expert at evaluating why someone is getting pain, considering physiology and range of motion. Then they can match this up with the Bike Fit. For example, if someone has poor flexibility leaning forward, it would be unrealistic to put them in an aggressive riding position.

What kind of people benefit from a professional bike fitting?

Anyone who rides a bike! In particular cyclists who haven’t been fitted before by a professional bike fitter. Or people who don’t feel comfortable on their bike. Or people who were fitted once but have either been riding for a long time since, or have taken their bike apart and put it back together again.

What’s involved in a Physio Inq Sutherland Bike Fit?

First, we have discussion about what your training goals are, what you do, what kind of riding you like to do, what kind of bike you ride (be it a mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike, time trial bike). Then we evaluate any relevant previous injuries, your joint range of motion, flexibility. Then we start to line up your training goals, and your Bike Fit goals. Goals are usually to have less pain, or to be on the bike for longer, or to be more aerodynamic, or produce more power. Then we set up the bike to suit you!

What is special about Physio Inq Sutherland Bike Fits?

At Sutherland Physio, Bike Fits are done by an experienced and passionate cyclist, with a lot of experience treating cyclists. We don’t just give a fit and leave you with it. We check up on you. Sometimes we give you exercises to match the Bike Fit to make sure that you can get over an injury. It’s a multifaceted approach. Not just fixing the bike, but also fixing your body.

We look forward to making your body and bike fit in a more enhanced way with our Sutherland Bike Fit service. Contact us to manage your body and get the most out of life today!


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