Cycling | What Are The Health Benefits Of Cycling

Originally Published Sep 26, 2017

The popularity of cycling is on the increase especially in big cities with more marked biking lanes. Though there’re many reasons to cycle from squeezing in a daily dose of work out to saving on commuting fare, from getting to your destination faster – yes get stuck in traffic and you’d wish you’ve taken out your bike, to well saving the world or for just the fun of it.

So you see, taking out your bike for spin sure has amazing benefits but if you’re still wondering whether you should take up biking or not; let me tell you’re missing out on a lot! Don’t believe it? Here’re our top 6 reasons to join the trend today:

You improve your mental ability with daily cycling

Who doesn’t want to be an Einstein? Or at least getting close to that? Researchers have found that a daily increase in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to improvement in the mental test.  Now you may wonder how does that help with my job?  It’s been shown that cycling also leads to improvement in reasoning and planning skills.

So whether you’re a high school student, college student or already working, you can sure use the brain-power boosting the ability of cycling in your daily routine.

It is suitable for every age

Biking is among the few exercises that are suitable for everyone, no matter, how old or young you’re. Even though you’re working your legs it has a low impact on the muscles which makes it easier for everyone.

Cycling reduces stress

It is generally backed by scientific knowledge that exercises help to reduce stress – which cycling is a part of. However, one important advantage of this exercise is – it practically eliminates the stress that builds up from getting stuck in that rush hour traffic – keeping you less frazzled than your colleagues suing cars and mass transit.

It affords you the opportunity to save on commuting fares

The round trip fare can add up pretty quickly to a substantial amount by month end – which you can save if you’re cycling to work. This saved fund can be put forth for a vacation at the end of the year or set by in your saving account for the rainy days.

Your heart will thank you

Well, you can take that literally – and we meant it. According to a research report by the University of Glasgow, in which over 250, 000 commuters were studied for five years – it showed that commuters who regularly cycle to work have a lower risk of death by heart-related diseases.

So you see, to keep your heart healthy and pumping away gladly just pull out your bike and cycle to work every day.

You can literally save the world

Biking to work is one less co2 spitting car on the road. Since it requires less energy to make than a car, no fuel to burn, and no batteries biking is as green as green could get. So when you pull out your bike to commute to work – just feel proud because you’re doing your own bit to save the world.

So next time you feel lazy about biking, remember all these awesome reasons and jump on it.


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