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Originally Published Oct 20, 2017

Your spine is the most vital part of your whole body; it is the element on which your whole body movement and balance relies. In order to take special care of your spine, it is imperative that you exercise daily for it to maintain its strength and develop flexibility.

If you want your body to maintain a good posture while also stabilising all the body movements required for you to carry out your day to day work without any hindrance, then your main focus should be to build a strong spine. Even though it has the responsibility of maintaining your whole body weight, the spine itself comprises of very delicate components that make it whole: nerves, discs, joints, tissues and vertebrae.

Purpose of the spine

Your spine is essentially responsible for helping you out in your physical movements as well as supporting your head, most importantly. Along with this, it has an added obligation to keep your body balanced and shield the spinal cord. 

If you take good care of your spine, you will definitely bear fruit from it in the long run as a well-maintained spine not only keeps you away from the horrors of back pain but also ensures that you are able to carry out every possible activity regardless of your age.

Possible reasons attributed to back pain.

An astonishing fact is that a large proportion of the population is targeted by a backache. Usually, someone who often deals with the lifting of heavy items or weighs more than normal is the one who is expected to suffer from a backache. This is basically because if you weigh more than your spine can support, then your body and movement are unable to maintain their balance which causes severer pressure on your spine, hence causing backache.

It is also quite normal for someone working in an office to have back pain because he or she is forced to sit in the same position for several hours in front of the computer to perform their job. However, it is not because of the position that they are sitting in, but rather because of their spine and abdominal muscles being untrained in holding up the body weight in a neutral position.

It is not just your job or weight which can cause back problems but also another major reason which is responsible for the weakening of your body in general; age. Ageing is something no one in this world can escape and the only way to slow down the effects of ageing is to exercise your body enough so that it is balanced and toned.

Neutral position

The neutral position of the body is considered as the strongest position which helps the body to move easily without posing any harm or possible injuries. Pilates is a way of strengthening the focal point of your body, that is, your spine while also improving its flexibility. This gives your body permission to move swiftly with control of every single movement of your body. If pain persists always contact your local Physiotherapist.


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