Benefits of Being a Physio Inq Business Owner

Originally Published Aug 3, 2019

Taking on the challenge of owning a clinic is not something to be taken lightly. It is a big responsibility, with real risks, real hurdles and real people who you will be responsible for.

In saying all of this, these risks also carry with them a great reward. You can start working on your life. Each day you come to work, you are building an asset; your business. Instead of trading hours for a wage, you are trading hours for a wage, plus the growth of an asset and the ability to mold your future.

Physio Inq Business Ownership

There’s never a right time to start a business but if you’re thinking about it, you’re probably as ready as you’ll ever be. So, what’s the deal with getting a greenfield site versus taking over an existing clinic?

A greenfield site means you’d be starting from scratch. An existing clinic means you’ll be starting with baggage. Both have pros and cons. From there, it’s all about mindset.

If you have a good set of principles, policies, and procedures in place all you need to do is execute. Every interaction in your clinic is an opportunity, instead of a burden.

The mantra we always talk about is that it’s all about the 2%. The 2% seems like something that can wait, but, in reality, it compounds and becomes the backbone of your business. The 2% might be birthday cards for referring doctors or setting up a tent at the local fair or local sports ground. Your future is being built by putting in the 2%.

This is why Physio Inq has shifted its focus away from clinic ownership and onto franchising. The ownership mentality is extremely strong. It is amplified in its effect by an incredibly strong set of policies and procedures and backed up by immense training for staff, business automation software and a desire to stay ahead of the game every single day, month & year.

The change in focus has enabled Physio Inq to release ownership of their clinics, both underperforming and performing, and see them grow dramatically following their sale and transition.

So far, pre-existing clinics that have been transitioned to other owners underneath the Physio Inq model have grown by between 30% and100% over the ensuing 12-month period. Despite the addition of a franchise fee on the clinic, adjusted net profit has shown to outstrip the franchise fee, at times in multiples

Being part of Physio Inq is about belief. Belief in their system, learn it, practice it, breathe it, then go out and execute. Make mistakes, own them, then try again. It is about having as many opportunities to learn from your experience to be better at the action next time. Don’t re-invent, just go and DO!

Benefits of Physio Inq Business Ownership

Connected with Clients

Health is an investment, and our goal is to educate people on how to feel strong and healthy in their body. Marketing is the best tool to use to do this, and our marketing strategy centers on the client. Our strategy is built on two key pillars:

  • National Marketing Plan: We have created a marketing plan to accommodate the national expansion of Physio Inq. We have a comprehensive website and a digital platform. Our collateral and visual merchandising are expertly designed, so you’ll enjoy all the perks of working with a top brand.
  • Local Area Marketing: As a Physio Inq business owner, you’ll have complete access to branded collateral. We encourage you to use them for print, digital and social media. Community is a big part of what we do, and want you to seek out and partner with community initiatives that align with the Physio Inq brand

Training and Development

We are an industry thought leader, and we educate our staff just as much as we educate our clients. Licensees will benefit from joining a License system that provides a supportive structure. Through personal mentorship and development, we foster the talent of our Physio Inq business owners. We offer internal training hubs and personal mentorship and development programs.

We believe in rewarding people for their hard work. We take the time to recognise business owners and staff for the help they provide clients. As a Physio Inq business owner you’ll enjoy:

  • Awards nights
  • Physio Inq business owner of the Year and Month
  • Most-improved monthly recognition
  • Charitable events
  • Personal training and mentorship

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a space for our clients to receive the best help Physio Inq can provide and an environment in which you can change lives.

  • Interactive space for front-of-house and aftercare
  • Innovative technology: POS and wearable tech
  • Physio Inq Academy- Dedicated YouTube channel
  • Alternative training solutions
  • Industry R&D Centre with strong research article publications

Where to from Here?

Our Network Development Lead will walk you through your options. They will answer questions, both business, finance and life-related. You will likely be given a questionnaire about where you are now, where you want to be and what skills and strengths you have to accomplish your goals.

You will hear lots of opinions on going it alone versus franchising. Go with your gut. Physio Inq is a proven model that works. We don’t want anyone who doesn’t believe in our vision and mission, we want relationships with people who will go out and execute for their future.

Good luck, enjoy the process and stay true to yourself.


The information provided on this blog is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this blog.

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