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Originally Published Nov 30, 2017

Asthma is one of those health issues that are surging in UK since 1990s similar to hear in Australia. The figures related to asthma are highly appalling. "1 in 9 Australians has asthma - around 2.5 million. It's more common in males aged 0-14, but among those aged 15 and over, asthma is more common in females"

(Asthma Australia)

But if you already know all that and are just looking for the answer whether acupuncture could reduce the symptoms of asthma, you would have to read till the end, because we have a lot of valuable revelations to make.

Acupuncture is not some fad, it’s an ancient therapy that has been practised for thousands of years in Asia, before it finally moved to the west.

What is acupuncture and can it help with the symptoms of asthma?

Acupuncture is a process that involves the stimulation of specific parts of the body with the use of electrodes or needles. The purpose is to target certain pressure points of the body that could lead to therapeutic effects. Acupuncture has been known to improve symptoms of several diseases, but can it help the asthma patients too? Let’s find it out.

A few clinical trials have been conducted so far and they all have shown positive results of acupuncture on the symptoms of asthma. However, all those results are still considered inconclusive.

Then, there are studies that have also corroborated on the improved quality of life resulting from acupuncture, but the definitive benefits are not determined yet. While clinical trials might not support the use of acupuncture in the asthma patients, the real-life results seem to skew more towards the positive end. Being a doctor, I have come across different patients who have been treated for asthma with acupuncture and their symptoms were largely reduced.

One such case is that of Safiah Annabel, a 23-year-old living in Parramatta, who was diagnosed with chronic asthma and visited for me acupuncture. Due to the cold, her asthma attack had exacerbated, and she was going through a lot of pain due to her raspy breaths. Also, she was wheezing very badly. She was also emotionally stressed due to the cold weather and it was further aggravating her health. She had chest congestion and used an inhaler to reduce the symptoms of asthma. When I examined her condition, she was diagnosed with excess phlegm formation. So when she was treated for asthma with acupuncture, her symptoms were largely minimized. Her breathlessness and chest congestion, both were reduced. In fact, she also stopped wheezing.

The treatment principle of using acupuncture for asthma is that it helps to resolve the problem of excess phlegm. A weakened immune system also makes a person more susceptible to pathogens and allergens. Using acupuncture has been associated with improving the body’s immunity, and that’s how it helps with reducing the symptoms of asthma.

There are diverse and cumulative benefits of acupuncture. It improves a person’s overall health while helping with reducing the severity and frequency of asthma attacks.

Apply acupuncture to relieve your Asthma TODAY. Employ a trusted, effective and alternative technique to help alleviate your symptoms.


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