Shin Splints | What Can I Do To Help My Shin Splints?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Curious to know what are shin splints and what can you do about them? Come aboard.

Shin splints are almost like sprains and injuries but they take in a variety of pains that you get in your shin. Shin splints are also medically known as the Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). It is most common among soldiers and runners. MTSS results from sports like basketball, tennis, football, badminton and from walking in your shoes for more than usual.

The major reason why shin splints occur is that the tendons and muscles are constantly rubbed with the tibia. In other words, you can describe this as a friction burn, however, it’s a bit more intense. More anatomical responses are included in too, but they all end up in pain in the shin area. If you experience pain in your shin area while working out then don’t continue it along with the pain. It will only bother you more. The splints will last longer when you work out with them.

How Shin Splints Occur?

There are varying reasons for shin splints; running for long hours on a hard surface has a constant impact on the body which leads to inflammation in the lower muscles of the legs. Exertion on your lower leg muscle can also be the reason for shin splints.

Do you feel your calves are tighter than usual? If so, then, it could be upcoming of a potential MTSS. Tight calves mean that the inner leg muscles work hard for lifting the foot during running or walking, and forcing too much resistance on the calves could sometimes become the reason for shin splints.

Wearing inappropriate or uncomfortable footwear should also be avoided. If your new training shows are causing pain in your shins, then reconsider wearing them again. Trainers that are worn out should be replaced with new ones in order to avoid any such circumstances.

How Can I Stop Shin Splints?

The most common solution anybody would give you is to consult a sports injury therapist. A thorough examination on the injury can prove well whether it is an MTSS you are suffering with or something else. Getting examined helps you in knowing the situation better and how to cope up with it. Massage your lower leg muscles to relax the muscles. Strapping for reducing the pain or taping is also done to relief the pain. Along with this, you will be given advice, tips and suggestions to follow in order to take care of the injury.

Every therapist has his own treatment and each one of them is going to have a different treatment for shin splints. The only thing that should be considered is whether you benefit from the treatment or not. When you are being treated for shin splints, make sure you are taking rest along with it too.

MTSS can be a wicked nightmare if mistreated, and it can put you in pressure and aggravate your mental health. Train safely and don’t overburden yourself.

Are your shin splints driving you up the wall? There is no need to put up with shin splints and let it deter from your physical activates. Find your local Physio Inq Physiotherapist to get yourself sorted and alleviate your shin splints today. 

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