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[How To Hire] How To Recruit Healthcare Professionals

Our FREE book is perfect for Healthcare, Medical and Fitness Business owners, managers, or anyone responsible for recruiting healthcare professionals.

Find out the top tips for recruiting healthcare professionals, from industry leaders Physio Inq.


What you’ll discover in our FREE E-book:

  • Learn industry tips from one of Australia’s largest healthcare companies
  • Physio Inq uses these strategies to attract the best healthcare workers in the industry
  • Discover 6 healthcare recruitment tips and tricks to help you staff your healthcare clinic
  • How, where and when to start finding new staff.
  • Read about Australia’s healthcare recruitment landscape
  • How to navigate Australia’s recruitment challenges
  • The ultimate question: When do I need to recruit?
  • Learn how to identify your ideal client load for your healthcare business
  • A great work culture… how to create it, how to manage it… and what happens when you loose it!
  • Owners & Managers Guide to: Conducting a job interview
  • How to cut through the good and the great candidates! (…and the not so good!)

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