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Thursday, August 17, 2017

For all the athletes out there who have to use their arms/shoulders a lot during the game, soared deltoids, biceps, and triceps are a normality. Nearly every sport requires the use of arms even if it’s minimal, but sports like rugby, baseball, basketball, etc. especially require you to have stronger upper limbs.

If you feel that your arms are too strained and if your shoulders are giving up on you, it's time that you make upper limbs massage a part of your routine. 

When it comes to massaging arms, the trigger points aren’t only restrained to biceps and triceps. Your start massaging from near the shoulders towards your pectoral muscles because that’s where you target lots of trigger points.

Massaging upper limbs is a lot trickier than massaging other parts of the body because there are some seriously good trigger points to massage. In fact, even massaging the scapula also hits a lot of points and relieves the pain in the arms.

Once you are done relieving the twitches from your pectorals and scapula, it’s time to move onto biceps and triceps.

Finding the trigger points is the key. Because if they aren’t hit and massaged, you would be indifferent to having a massage. Check out the video below to learn how to massage arms by targeting maximum trigger points.

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