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Friday, May 26, 2017

Effleurage is a basic yet a very effective and ecstatic massage movement that used to treat sport injuries. This holistic approach to massaging the exhausted muscles is simply the best possible way for you to release the strain in your muscles. Effleurage is effective for every body part that you can normally massage.

The word effleurage is derived from the French word “effleurer”, which simply means to stroke, but this mere translation doesn’t encapsulate the entire technique that effleurage massage therapy covers.

If you always find yourself caught up in the labyrinth of constant stress, pain and muscle sores, massaging your body, and especially with Effleurage, could do wonders for you.

So what’s exactly an effleurage movement?

Basically, effleurage is massage technique that involves continuous but slow strokes and that too using only the flat of the hand. If you are a sportsperson, you could easily tell why such strokes are better over those initiated by the fingers. The circular motions range of motions are worked on the client’s natural contour to ensure they are fully relaxed. The fingers do exert some pressure with effleurage but it’s the pam of the hand that applies most of the pressure.

Effleurage massage is done mainly for the purpose of relaxing the muscles because it has the ability to stimulate more blood supply to the tissues worked. It also stimulates the nerves and relaxes the muscle tension and fibers.

Effleurage is so ecstatic; you would want it every day!

If you have never tried effleurage in your life, it’s time that you do because this massage technique has the ability to do wonders for your tired and soared body. If you want to know how this massage is done, check out following video:

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