Dry Needling | For The Calves & Hamstrings

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dry needling has recently emerged as a vital treatment for muscle pain and has been used parallel to other treatments for muscle impairment. This queasy-to-look-at treatment is tried and tested to alleviate pain but has also been linked with improving soft tissue mobility. While there are numerous studies that corroborate the super benefits of dry needling, there’s one that particularly looks into the effect of dry needling on hamstring flexibility and knee pain. The results showed significant improvement in the hamstring flexibility for the majority of participants.

Because of all this, more and more athletes are resorting to dry needling to relieve themselves from injury-related pain, fatigue, and weakness. 

Dry needling isn’t a DIY thing. It’s something only a licensed physical therapist is going to do on your body. Not just is this skillful intervention but it also requires to be extremely cautious attitude while performing the entire procedure. If the needles don’t target the trigger points, there’s no purpose undergoing such strenuous procedure. A super-awesome therapist would ensure that you feel a minimal prickle and maximum benefits from dry needling.

*Dry needling for calves and hamstrings helps recover from frequent problems related to lower body, like:

*Hip Musculature: This is a dysfunction/pain in the back of the leg, thigh, groin and down the side of the leg.

*Thigh: Pain related to thigh and knee.

*Hamstring: Pain in the back of the knee, hamstring and upper calf

*Calf musculature: Pain in the calf, the bottom of the food, and back of the knee and heel.

If you want to have a walkthrough of how dry needling is done, make sure you watch my video. 

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