Matt Napier | Journey Through Africa

Friday, December 01, 2017

A Man with a Mission: Adventure, travel, charity, a look into Matt Napier’s journey through Africa

In our busy AF lives, how often do we look into doing something charitable; something that could make a difference not in ours but in the lives of those who are looking forward to our help. This is no brainer: Humans were made to help each other and that’s why God put humanity in us. 

But guess what? We are so busy with our lives that we hardly look into charitable work. Even a bit seems like a big trouble. “Why should I do it?”, “I don’t have time”, “People are selfish and mean, they don’t deserve my help”. We could always come across such things in our mind before helping someone, but maybe, sometimes, you have to look beyond all that and help people; people who are less privileged; people who don’t even have the basic necessities of life. 

When we talk about disparity and poverty, Africa is what comes to everyone’s minds. Thanks to the British Colonies exploitation of centuries, Africa hasn’t been able to come out of extreme poverty. It’s a such a pity!

But one man is on a mission to change things and his name is Matt Napier. Originally from Australia, Matt started his journey into Africa to help people there with their water and food needs. What he’s doing is commendable. The amazing part is that he has been able to amalgamate charity with adventure. Let’s hear the rest of the story from the man himself.

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