Sonos Sound System Review | Everything You Need To Know

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Majorly every physiotherapy clinic has equipped some sort of speakers to play music or radio. While radio could be boring, the right kind of music could really improve the overall exhilaration from a therapy session. And while there are many different speaker options available, we prefer something as brilliant as Sonos Play 1–a speaker that connects with our reception computer wirelessly. Not just the sound quality is great but it allows for easy setup and portability. You can take Sonos to different rooms or can buy multiple units and sync them together.

A single speaker system costs you AU$299 which is probably the only downside about it, but you won’t find it expensive when you compare its price with the roof speaker systems which don’t only come with a hefty price tag but involves complex installation that really adds up to the entire cost. Sonos, on the other hand, requires only a little space in the corner of your room. The sound resonates beautifully even when you play some of the mildest songs.

Let’s discuss the built quality. Overall, the speaker system has a premium finish

Sonos Play 1 comes in two different colors (black and white) and is extremely stylish for a speaker.

About the sound quality, it’s pretty decent for its size. The speaker supports all major streaming services like Rdio, Spotify, and Pandora and when it comes to streaming music, Sonos is super reliable.

Apart from the price, the lack of built-in battery is another downside. But even after that, we totally love Sonos Play: 1 because it has transformed our clinic’s room from boring to blissful.

You can check out more hands-on details about the product in the video below.

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