10 Reasons to Use Storytelling in Marketing

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Stories have helped us understand the world since the beginning of time. They help us learn, connect, and engage with what’s happening around us and storytelling in marketing is a must, especially in an oversaturated market.

Here, we’re going over what makes good storytelling in marketing and why you should use it in your brand strategy.

Storytelling in Marketing

What is good storytelling in marketing?

According to Forbes contributor and brand storytelling expert Celinne Da Costa, “brand storytelling is the cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes.”

The cornerstones of any good story include being easy to understand, memorable, inspiring, entertaining, and universal. Think about the stories we learned as children. They all have these cornerstones of an amazing story.

We’ll save the ins and outs of how to build a brand story for another time. For now, we’ll stick to the benefits. Storytelling in marketing is beneficial for your business in the following ways:

  1. Makes marketing memorable
  2. Helps your brand stand out
  3. Boosts conversion rates
  4. Promotes love, bonding, and well-being
  5. Creates meaning
  6. Humanises your brand
  7. Garners trust
  8. Builds a community
  9. Clarifies abstract concepts
  10. Encourages word-of-mouth advertising

Make Marketing Memorable

Instead of loading your audience with stats and numbers, brand storytelling makes things far more memorable. According to Standford, people remember stories 22 times more than facts and figures on their own.

Introducing characters and a storyline about your brand or business helps your products and services stand out in customers’ memory.

Storytelling in Marketing

Help Your Brand Stand Out

In addition to being unforgettable in a world that’s always loud and overcrowded, storytelling in marketing has the added bonus of helping your brand stand out. New content is being pumped out every day. Get noticed with a solid story.

Boost Conversion Rates

Good marketing is all about conversions. Conversions refer to any type of engagement that reaches your end goal. This includes an action your customers take such as buying a product or booking an appointment.

Stories boost conversions by an incredible 30% making it a no-brainer for your marketing strategy.

Promote Love, Bonding, and Well-Being

Since stories are such an integral part of the human experience, it’s no wonder they have a biological effect. Storytelling can increase oxytocin in the body which promotes feelings of love, bonding, and well-being.

After all, is there anything more you could want your audience and customers to feel about your brand?

Storytelling in Marketing

Create Meaning

Again, storytelling is how we, as humans, create meaning in our lives. From the hero archetype to fighting dragons in dungeons, stories help us understand what’s most meaningful.

So, within your brand, you can create a sense of meaning for your audience. Why should they care? Why does your brand matter? What about your products or services helps your customers find meaning in their lives?

Humanise Your Brand

Brand storytelling brings humanity into your marketing. Stating facts and figures can come across as dry and uninviting. We want to connect with the businesses we spend our hard-earned money on. So, telling stories is a great way to give a face to your company.

Whether you tell stories in your marketing through a made-up character or a story-like mission statement, bring the human element into your brand strategy for better results.

Garner Trust

Brand storytelling seems to be a lot more trustworthy than boring stats about your products. Even if the stories seem a bit fantastical or take a humorous route, we trust stories -- and we trust the people behind those stories.

So, if your business came out of a near-death experience or you create a relatable fictional character who benefits from your brand, we see ourselves in the stories we hear, and we trust those businesses more.

Storytelling in Marketing

Build a Community

Creating a brand identity is about so much more than what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. The relationship between you and your customers are what truly stands the test of time.

Storytelling in marketing helps people see themselves in a certain way. A great example is how Apple built a loyal following. With stories like identifying as a Mac, not a PC (and all the connotations they created around what that means), the company was able to build a solid community.

So, tell stories about what it means to buy your products or services. Tell stories about what being a part of your community says about your customers. Soon enough, the stories will have lives of their own with a tribe that stands behind them.

Clarify Abstract Concepts

Storytelling in marketing can be especially helpful if your product or service is somewhat confusing or abstract.

Using fictional representations of your industry or personifications of your products is a strong storytelling method that can clarify what you offer.

The insurance industry does this all the time with characters like Ronda and Ketut from AAMI insurance. Once again, stories help us understand the world around us, making them the perfect marketing tool for communicating complex ideas.

Storytelling in Marketing
Source: https://www.ogilvy.com.au/Our-Work/Rhonda

Encourage Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Last but not least, bringing these benefits full-circle, memorable brand storytelling encourages word-of-mouth advertising.

Word-of-mouth advertising refers to a highly effective mode of marketing where you hear about a product or service from someone in your social circle.

We’re far more likely to take the recommendations of our friends and relatives versus from a billboard in the city. So, when you tell unforgettable stories connected with your brand, you’ll have better chances of capitalising on word-of-mouth advertising.

These marketing strategies are particularly potent in the social media era where everything is super-sharable with the potential to go viral.

Long story short, get your audience to tell all their friends about your products and services through the art of brand storytelling.


So, if you’re hoping to boost conversions, create a memorable brand strategy, and truly connect with your customers, storytelling in marketing is essential.

Especially these days where it’s easier than ever to create a brand message through social media, storytelling is no longer an option -- it’s a necessity.

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