Why Email Marketing is Still a No-Brainer for Health Professionals

Friday, June 07, 2019

Assuming email is a thing of the past? Think again.

Email is More Effective Than You Think

People always have their smart phones with them meaning they can check their email anytime – and they do. Even with the inclusion of social media, email is still the most effective.

About 94% of U.S. adults rely on email for immediate communications and only 61% of internet users access social media. These numbers are likely similar in Australia which make it clear that business and personal email are still incredibly important to people’s connectivity and communication.

It’s also where most of online conversion takes place because 75% of people prefer branding and shopping info (where they’re likely to make a purchase) to be available via email.

Why Email Marketing is Still a  No-Brainer for Health Professionals

So, when you’re getting into email marketing, you’ll start to see the true advantages:

  • It’s low cost
  • It’s individually addressable
  • It’s where your audience is and where they prefer to be digitally connected

Yet, there does seem to be a disconnect with nearly 74% of marketing emails from healthcare professionals going unopened.

Where Health Professionals Go Wrong With Email Marketing

There are a few areas where professionals in the health and wellness field tend to make mistakes:

  • Email content focuses on products instead of benefits
  • Audiences aren’t targeted or narrowly focused
  • Emails aren’t optimised for mobile
  • The copy is too dull
  • Different versions of the same email aren’t tested
  • Not being community or local orientated

By learning how to fix these problems, physiotherapy clinics can gain a lot from proper email marketing.

How to Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Focus on Mobile First

The statistics vary but in general, over half of all emails are opened on a mobile device and will continue to grow. This should be a clear indicator that you’ll want to optimise all of your email marketing for phones.

One key strategy is to have your emails delivered in response mode so that your email adjusts to the size of a mobile screen. The last thing you want is your message to be faulty and not load properly.

Have you ever come across poorly optimized mobile emails? If you have, you know that from first hand that readability and the user experience is extremely poor. Don’t be that business!

Also, keep your subject lines short, clear and sweet so that the whole thing can be read on a mobile device with ease.

Consider the Person on the Other End

When creating content for your email marketing strategies, one of the most important things you need to do is to think about the person who will be receiving your message and what part of the journey they are on with you.

Head into your own email inbox and consider what emails you open and which ones go straight into Trash. The ones that never get a second look are usually the ones that aren’t solving any problems for you or ones that clearly didn’t get to know who you were as a consumer.

For physio clinics, there’s a good chance you have a curated set of clients whose names and needs you remember when they walk in for a session. This is the same logic you should use for your emails to clients and your target audiences who you’re hoping to convert.

To do this, you should:

  • Create a subject line that harbors interest
  • Write a brief opening and then get to the point
  • Include content that is in line with your readers’ values and needs
  • Finish strong with a call-to-action and summary.

All in all, these ideas help to evoke empathy for your audience, a clear brand message, and a respect for everyone’s time.

Personalise Your Message

Email, as mentioned earlier, has a lot of power in being individually addressable. This is certainly something you’ll want to make the most of in your marketing strategy. it’s more than just an algorithm that includes the person’s name.

Based on demographics, it’s important to separate email addresses by location, needs, and interests and create personalised content for each campaign.

For example, you don’t want to be sending out messages about staying fit in winter to an international email list where half the emails are located in a different hemisphere. The extra time it takes to really curate these messages will be well worth it and can earn you many more clicks, replies, and conversions.

There are fantastic email marketing services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact that can help you stay organised so that you’re always sending the most personalised emails possible.

Pay Attention to the First Line

Sure, subject lines are super important but there’s another place to include striking keywords that grab readers’ attention. Similar to a blog post, your email should have a strong first line in packed with keywords and clear messaging.

These days, emails show more than only the subject line. You audience sees the first bit of what’s inside the email as well.

So, save yourself some time and some strife and include everything you wanted to grab people’s attention with using both the subject line and the first line of your body copy.

Proofread for Errors

You might be surprised how common it is for people to toss an email out when grammatical errors are present.

Proofread for Errors

Not only does it seem rushed and unprofessional, one quick read-through is all it takes to prevent any discomfort in the first place. Especially if you misspell someone’s name or company, it can be a real deal-breaker.

A handy tool like Grammarly helps spot errors in your online writing and can be a huge help. Just do yourself a favoor and check your work before you hit Send.

Solve a Problem

If you’re not solving a problem for the person who you hope to open your email, then what are you really writing about? Make sure you’re not getting caught up in your sales pitch and take a look at things from their perspective.

Get into the heads of those you’re trying to reach (which does take a bit of digging) and solve something for them.

For example, you might start with:

  • I know your back hurts after a long day on the computer…
  • You know physiotherapy is important, but you can’t find the time…
  • With a busy schedule, we know how hard it can be to take time for yourself…

With a busy schedule, we know how hard it can be  to take time for yourself…

Then, the content might be four blog posts you’ve compiled to help with back pain, a list of resources for saving time, or self-care tips that all relate back to your clinics core message.

Mix up your content. Include videos both in long and short form content that suites the theme, context and appropriateness for your audience. Variation is key in this day and age.

By letting people know you understand what they’re going through plus going a step further to help them with their issue via email,  they’re likely to start trusting that your the clinic to turn to when in need.

Play the long and not the short game with your email marketing strategy.

Use a Call-to-Action

Then, once you solve their problem (or at least show them that you’re the one who can solve it) it’s time for a call-to-action. This is where the conversion starts to happen.

In short, a call-to-action is simply noting what the next step is, whether that’s booking an appointment, downloading your e-book, or simply following your clinic on Instagram or Facebook.

Depending on your current strategy, you can test out different methods and see what steps people are willing to take from your emails and you’ll learn what you can do differently to see sales growth.

Trial Different Versions and Endings

Typically referred to as an A/B test, it’s a good idea to create two different versions of the same email to test them out and understand what works. This can be as simple as using two different subject lines and two different opening sentences, making sure they’re unique enough in voice and style.

For instance, you might do one that’s really fun and colloquial while your other one is more professional and straightforward. It’ll give you some data on what your audience is responding to.

Even the way you sign off with an email is important. This may seem strange but how you end your email actually affects the response it gets.

According to a Boomerang study, the most effective email closing based on response rate is “thanks in advance” while closing with “best” got the worst ratings. “Cheers” got a 14.5% increase in responses while “thanks” beat out “thank you” by 5.7%.

It might take some experimentation to start seeing some trends. From there, you’ll get an idea of what your particular audience prefers and better performing email campaigns.

Put It into Practice

Email marketing is still a no brainer for health care practice business owners in today’s digital marketing age.

If you aren’t using email as a marketing tool, you could be missing out on huge opportunities from improving the visibility, growth and bookings for your health practice.

Your overall objective for your email strategy should be to build and foster deeper relationships with your patients from their first consultation and beyond and not a quick injection of bookings and appointments.

Email marketing can be quite laboursome if you don’t have the support and resources at your fingertips it can be quite overwhelming.

Trust us, we know!

Hence why at Physio Inq we’ve invested the time, research, money and software to make email marketing a breeze and to save healthcare business owners time and money and to increase your customers lifetime value.

For every part of your client’s journey within your healthcare practice from the initial consultation, reminder of appointment, cancelled appointment to their 3rd visit and even to their birthday, Physio Inq has a customer nurturing email software platform to deliver personalized emails to your clients.

 Physio Inq has customer nurturing email software platform to deliver  personalized emails to your clients

Under the Physio Inq brand and service network, all of the heavy lifting is already done, you just need to be yourself and connect with staff and your community.

If you want to chat to a business consultant about how you too can have ready-made email marketing software your fingertips, that are tailor made for your business, give us a call on 1300 731 733 today, or email franchising@physioinq.com.au for more info.

Live a Business Life with Less Limits.

Are you interested in owning a health care business, or do you require help running yours?


Are you interested in owning a health care business, or do you require help running yours?


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