4 Brilliant Content Marketing Tips for Attracting New Clients

Saturday, June 15, 2019

It’s safe to say that you’re not the only one feeling like you’re running out of material for an epic content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is an effective way to draw in new clients using, you guessed it… different forms of content.

Zazzle Media claimed that 60% of companies struggle to produce content, with even more finding it hard to produce engaging content. That’s a problem, since it’s truly all about engagement when it comes to content marketing. When you’re not churning out stuff that’s engaging, this can taper off.

So, where are we going wrong? Is it consistency? Are we losing momentum? Do we feel repetitive? Are we failing to take advantage of all the content marketing possibilities that are out there?

It could be a combination of things, but the first step is admitting you have a problem… right?

To help you get those creative juices flowing and find new ways to spark content marketing ideas, these four tips can help to attract new clients with your killer content marketing strategy.


If you haven’t started a blog for your clinic yet, now’s the time. As one of the most beneficial forms of content marketing, businesses in the healthcare field have a lot to gain from having a blog on their website.


Fantastic SEO Boosters

First of all, blogs boost SEO like crazy. As a text-based form of content, it’s easy for search engines to understand what blog posts are about and whether or not their relevant and fresh in terms of what people are searching for.

As you start to post more regularly and if other trusted websites start linking to your reputable blog, you’ll see more and more organic traffic from people simply searching for information.

To stay relevant, think about recent trends in the industry, most-searched keywords that relate to your practice, or super informative content that answers common questions.

Establish Expertise

You can’t be a physiotherapist without being an expert in your field. You’re trained and certified and now it’s time to show off what you know.

Some people worry about “giving away” information for free but the reality is, good content marketing pays huge dividends in the long run since earning people’s trust is hugely valuable and not easily earned.

When you share expert advice in your blog, it can also act as a reference for current clients. After a session, send them an email linking to a few blogs that can be really beneficial in their journey to optimal health.

Think about the clients you have now and what you’ve been working on with them. Let that be inspiration for a few blog posts going into more detail about a specific topic.

Gives You a Chance to Reflect

Writing is an excellent form of self-reflection and it’s something we could all probably use a bit more of, especially when it comes to our business. We can often lose sight of why we went into physiotherapy in the first place since we’re always stressing about making more money and having the most clients.

Keeping a blog helps solidify your values as a brand since you really have to sit down and think about what’s important to you. It’ll help you to focus on your practice and serve your clients in the best way possible.

Some other ideas for blog posts might be your mission as a business or why you started.

Pro Tip: Go back and refurbish all your most popular blog posts to include internal links, updated keywords, and overall better content. Even the best ones don’t stay popular forever, so give them a refresh.

Video Marketing

As you scroll through Facebook, you’ll notice that most of your feed is video content. Additionally, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. This should be a wakeup call to the fact that if you’re not taking advantage of video in your content marketing strategy, you should be.

Video Marketing

For tutorials and how-to, people actually prefer to watch a video. It’s a major mode for learning. So, for your physio clinic, you might consider making a few step by step videos of some of the most popular exercises you use and sharing them on YouTube, Facebook Instagram, or right on your website.

Tips when it comes to video content marketing include :

  • Making it short and sweet without any rambling
  • Make sure you finish up with a call-to-action like checking out your website or booking an appointment
  • Add subtitles so that people can get something from your videos even on mute while scrolling social media

You’ll start seeing the benefits right away. People will start to feel a connection to your brand since they’re getting what feels like face-to-face messaging, it’s easily shareable so you’ll be boosting your online presence, and a potential 80% increase in conversion, according to statistics from Clum Creative.

Pro Tip: For content creation of any kind, use what’s called the Skyscraper Method. Search a keyword, check out the first three search results, create something 10x better, and share it.

Social Media

Social media is massive and living in 2019 is evident of that fact. It’s projected that social media will grow by 25% for the next five years so if you haven’t found an effective social media marketing strategy, now’s the time.

Social Media

Here, we’ll be talking about four of the major social media platforms and what you should think about in terms of content creation for each of them.


As the biggest, and arguably the most powerful social media platform out there, you need to be on Facebook. It’s a sort of all-in-one deal where video, text, contact info, and discussion live in harmony and it’s an important place to share any kind of content you’ve created.

Think of Facebook as a melting pot of demographics and content styles. That means, you should share everything from blog posts to interesting articles to your newest “Client of the Month”, for example.


Instagram is the most visual platform available and it’s where you can communicate your brand identity and vibe. Many businesses even go as far as to streamline everything with color palettes and themes. But, that’s up to you.

The point here is to be authentic and on Instagram, you’ll get a lot of engagement. Share your most beautiful imagery, host contests, post promotions on Instagram Stories, or quick minute-long videos of your most popular exercise that week. The opportunities are endless.


These days, many people turn to YouTube as a search engine for their most burning questions. As previously mentioned, video is a huge mode of learning and people would rather watch a tutorial than read a book about how to do something.

Since you’re a fantastic physiotherapist, you can totally whip out some simple video tutorials for YouTube. Q&As, interviews, exercise prescriptions  all do really well on YouTube and can be shared as content on other social media platforms, too.


Known as social media’s professional platform, LinkedIn is a great way to connect in a B2B capacity. This is where you’ll potentially “link up” with GP’s who might be recommending your clinic to their patients or with PTs who are looking to work alongside a physio.

Industry news articles are great to post on LinkedIn as well as company milestones, exciting breakthroughs with clients, and more long-form content.

With any social media platform, it’s always important to understand your target audience and make sure you’re speaking to them. In general, it’s better to have 1,000 true fans versus 10,000 followers who aren’t really that interested. The same goes for other social media channels.

Test things out to see what’s working and what’s not. With deep analytics involved when you use a business account on these platforms, you’ll be able to see what messages are earning conversions and what just goes over people’s heads.

Pro Tip: Be unique and find ways to stand out. Maybe that’s with a weekly series that you never miss or a high-quality aesthetic.

Keyword Research

Finally, an easy way to source new content is by doing a full keyword analysis. Even if you’ve done it in the past, you should be doing keyword research regularly as the tides of the internet are always changing.

Gather your team together and have everyone come up with a list of keywords for things they think people might be searching for in regards to your physio clinic.

Keyword Research

Some good places to start might be location, specific questions, and pricing. You might even check out the FAQ page on your competitors’ websites to get more ideas.

From there, you’ll want to use an effective keyword research tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool. This will allow you to see how many people are searching for this word or phrase as well as how competitive that keyword is in terms of getting ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Next, you’ll want to narrow down a list of keywords that harbor a lot of activity with minimal competition. That way, you’ll have a better chance of ranking when you use those keywords in your content.

Then, it’s up to you how you want to use those keywords and often you’ll be able to come up with at least a few ideas that revolve around each one. The more and more you do it, keyword research will get easier and feel more natural. Just make sure you keep up with it so your content doesn’t get left behind.

Put the Tips to the Test

All of these content marketing ideas mean nothing if we don’t implement them. It’s true – everything is easier said than done but at the end of the day, nothing matters if we don’t do the work.

That’s why Physio Inq provides clinic owners with all of this information so you can focus more on doing and less on sourcing good ideas. Under the Physio Inq brand, we’ve done our best to provide the best of the best in tips and strategies so now all you have to do is put our tips to the test (and let us know how you went!).

For tailor made content marketing tools that are customised for your business, we’re happy to connect you with one of our business consultants. Give us a ring at 1300 731 733 or email franchising@physioinq.com.au for more information.

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Are you interested in owning a health care business, or do you require help running yours?


Are you interested in owning a health care business, or do you require help running yours?


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