Small Business Grants QLD 2021

Originally Published Nov 29, 2021

You may have an amazing business idea but none of the funds available to back it up. That’s where small business grants QLD-wide come in. Not to mention, small business grants in QLD for COVID can help the small businesses that were affected by the global pandemic.

So, let’s explore how to apply for small business grants in QLD, the benefits of business grants and how Physio Inq is now offering private grants for Queenslanders who are looking to open a healthcare business.

Types of Queensland Small Business Grants

Non-Profit and Private Organisations

There are also small business grants in QLD that aren’t government-run and instead are provided by organisations like non-profits and private businesses.

For example, here at Physio Inq, we offer lucrative small business grants QLD-wide to help you either start a brand new Physio Inq franchise or to convert your existing healthcare business into a top-notch Physio Inq location.


Most people know about the small business grants the QLD government funds. When most people look into small business grants they can take advantage of, they’ll most often check the government website first.

Government-funded small business grants QLD 2021 include:

  1. Regional startup grants
  2. Grants for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  3. Business grants for women
  4. Small Business Grants QLD COVID

How to Apply for Small Business Grants QLD

  1. Look for grants that your business qualifies for. Make sure you look into both government-funded small business grants in QLD as well as funding opportunities from non-profits and private companies.
  2. Follow the instructions to apply. Sometimes you’ll need to simply fill out a form but on other occasions, you’ll need to write a detailed grant proposal. You may even look into hiring a professional grant writer to make your application air-tight.
  3. From there, if you receive small business grants in QLD, be sure that you’re only spending it according to the stipulations of the grant.

Benefits of Small Business Grants QLD

Small Businesses Require Capital

Obviously, the main reason people apply for small business grants in QLD is for the simple fact that starting small businesses costs a lot of money -- probably more than you’d initially expect. So, if you receive a lucrative business grant, you’ll have the capital you need to build your business exactly the way you imagined.

You Don’t Have to Pay Back a Grant

Different from a business loan that you’ll have to pay back to your lender (usually with a steep interest rate), small business grants QLD-wide aren’t repaid. They’re grants that you get to keep as long as you spend the money according to the rules laid out in the terms of the grant.

So, generally speaking, most business owners opt to apply for business grants first and loans only if they’re absolutely necessary.

Bold More Opportunities

For business owners who start out in underprivileged communities, small business grants in QLD offer opportunities for those who may not otherwise have access. So, for people in rural communities or those who come from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, applying for small business grants provide amazing opportunities.

Best Ways to Use Small Business Grants QLD

Most small business grants are meant to help businesses in the startup phase. This means that if you’re an established business, there aren’t as many grant opportunities. However, due to pandemic regulations, small business grants for COVID can be used to revitalise an existing small business that’s been affected by the global pandemic.

But keep in mind that you must spend your grant money on only business expenses that are outlined in the terms of your grant.

For example, businesses commonly spend grants on things like:

  1. Branding
  2. Fit-outs
  3. Construction costs
  4. Marketing


But again, you can’t spend your grant money on things like your mortgage or groceries, unless it’s a genuine business expense.

You’ll also need to meet and maintain the initial requirements that were in place to qualify for some small business grants in QLD like employee numbers, which industry you’re in and demographics.

At Physio Inq, we have over 15 years’ experience in helping our Pinq Business Partners source, purchase and run Physiotherapy businesses. There’s a reason why we Physio Inq won Franchise Network of the Year in 2020. Click to read more.  

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