Small Business Grants NSW 2021

Originally Published Nov 25, 2021

As a future small business owner, you can apply for various small business grants in NSW and throughout Australia. After all, you’ll need a bit of capital to get started on your business journey.

Here, we’re going over how to apply for NSW small business grants, why you should take advantage of grant opportunities and how Physio Inq is helping healthcare business owners through private grants of our own.

Types of Small Business Grants NSW


There are also organisation-run small business grants in NSW. These are provided by non-profits and private businesses to help new and existing small businesses get their feet off the ground, so to speak.

For example, companies like Physio Inq offer lucrative small business grants NSW-wide to help entrepreneurs launch either a new Physio Inq franchise or convert their existing healthcare business into a thriving Physio Inq location.


Most people know about the small business grants Australia and NSW governments run. These are the grants most people look into when they’re planning to launch a new small business.

Government-run small business grants NSW 2021 include:

  1. Regional start up grants
  2. Grants for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  3. NSW business grants for women
  4. COVID-19 New Business Grants

How to Apply for NSW Small Business Grant

  1. Find grant applications that you qualify for. Look into both government-funded small business grants in NSW as well as funding opportunities from non-profits and private organisations.
  2. Follow their specific instructions to apply whether you fill out a form or write a detailed grant proposal. Make sure you include all the required documentation.
  3. Spend the money you receive from these small business grants in NSW according to the stipulations of the grant.

Why Take Advantage of Small Business Grants NSW

Small Businesses Require Capital

The most obvious benefit of small business grants for NSW small businesses is the fact that all new businesses require capital. So, if you’re serious about your business idea, you’ll want to spend money on developing your product, marketing your business and more.

All of these activities require a decent amount of capital which small business grants can help with. Especially if you come from an underprivileged community, these small business grants offer an unmatched opportunity for people to launch a small business in NSW.

Grants Aren’t Repaid

Another benefit of small business grants is that they’re not repaid. Far superior to a business loan, small business grants are awarded without the need to ever pay them back. So long as you use the funds properly and based on the grant’s stipulations, that money is yours to keep.

Expect the Unexpected in Business

The last thing to keep in mind is that, in business, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. There always seems to be hidden fees or delays in construction that can dip into your budget more than you expected.

So, applying for grants can help to give you a solid buffer for any unexpected costs.

How to Use Small Business Funding NSW

Most small business grants are meant to be used as small business start up grants in NSW. In other words, these grants are in place to help people secure enough capital to start their small businesses. However, some business grants can be used to revitalise an existing small business.

Regardless, keep in mind that you’ll be required to use any grant money you receive based on the governments or organisation’s rules.

For example, you can usually use your small business funding NSW-wide on the following small business necessities:

  1. Branding
  2. Fit-outs
  3. Construction costs
  4. Marketing

In short, the money you get from a grant must be spent on your business. It’s not just free money to do with as you wish.

Generally, you’ll also need to meet and maintain certain requirements to qualify for small business grants in NSW as well, including specific employee numbers, industry and more.

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