Introducing our People Development and Experience Manager

Originally Published Feb 5, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Physio Inq has appointed Doug Devellerez as our People Development and Experience Manager.

Allied health provider Physio Inq has announced plans to tackle therapist burnout and accelerate their national expansion by appointing Doug Devellerez to People Development and Experience Manager.

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People Development
Doug Devellerez, People Development and Experience Manager – Physio Inq

People Development

Devellerez began his career as a clinical physiotherapist working in paediatrics and joins Physio Inq after a number of years working in the United Kingdom and Canada. During this time Devellerez transitioned from the clinical side of physiotherapy practises to HR consulting where he managed staff training and development, engagement of community and scaling of companies.

Jonathan Moody, founder of Physio Inq said; “We created the role of People Development Experience Manager because we value the wellbeing of our therapists. We believe that backing them and encouraging longevity in the role gives our patients the very best care. Therapists are supported and they can focus entirely on the patient and the patient’s care.”  

In his new role, Devellerez pairs his clinical background with his people management skills to oversee the growth of the Mobile & Community Service teams to meet the rapid demand Physio Inq are experiencing. Doug’s previous training gives him a deeper understanding of what makes allied health therapists tick and how Physio Inq can better support, develop and retain them.

Speaking of the appointment, Doug Devellerez said, “I’m excited to join Physio Inq because I’ve frequently seen the lack of support other clinics have for their therapists. The toll on the practitioner is lasting and the industry has lost too many excellent care providers because of mismanagement. Physio Inq has an innovative model that works to reduce the burden on therapists. When therapists are supported the patients reap the full benefits of their expertise.”

Samantha Bowen, Principal Advisor to Leading Age Services Australia, said: “Burnout is creating a huge toll on our current and future workforce capacity. Maintaining essential services, including therapy and allied health services, is so important and banishing burnout among therapists is critical.

“We see many organisations and LASA Members implementing increasingly innovative wellbeing opportunities for their workforce. This is a vital move for clients, allied health professionals, and providers to sustain care and inspiration to keep all Australians healthy well into the future.”

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This article was originally published on Australian Ageing Agenda and Inside Ageing.

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