Does Pilates Help Lower Back Pain?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Back pain is very common amongst people of older ages but even the younger generations suffer from this problem. The issue is basically unawareness about this problem; the only way people choose to treat is to take pills that temporarily take away the pain.

The core problem behind backaches is usually the lifestyle which you have chosen for yourself. There might be some changes that you need to make in your day to day life if you want to eliminate back pain completely. A large proportion of the responsibility falls on being majorly sedentary; as most jobs require you to be seated in the same position for several hours at a stretch.

A better way to treat your back pain would be to include some activity into your daily lifestyle rather than choosing to depend on painkillers that will only work temporarily instead of reaching the bottom of the problem and getting rid of it completely. So the best way to do that is to take the support of Pilates.

How can Pilates help with back pain?

Pilates is an exercise regime that mainly focuses on developing a better body posture and improve the balance of your body as well. That requires its main focus to be on improving the spine alignment and muscle strengthening especially those responsible for back support.

People who have back problems will definitely find Pilates to be quite liberating and as it gradually works to improve back pain, visible change occurs in the posture and back strength.

You will notice your body becoming more flexible with time and also the movement of the body becomes smoother and swifter. It helps to release stress/tension along with training the body to use muscles efficiently.

Best exercises for back pain

  • Pelvic bridge: to work up the lower back for strengthening, this exercise really plays a vital role in doing that. The best part is it not just focuses on your pelvic muscles, but it also engages several other muscles of the lower body which basically means an entire workout for your lower body with a special focus on the pelvis.
  • Swimming: actual swimming is an amazing exercise to tone your body overall. However, Pilates’ take on that is just focusing on the back muscles. How it works is that you lie on your front and raise both arms and legs (not touching the floor at all), then alternate lifting each opposite arm and leg as if you are swimming.
  • Plank: this is one of the most difficult exercises to do even though it looks pretty simple. It requires your entire body strength to work together as it is all about maintaining the perfect body balance for approximately a minute. The muscles engaged in this exercise are the back muscles but also hips, arms, shoulders and legs. You have to keep elbows in line with the shoulders and toes together in a straight position. Raise your entire body in this position and just hold for at least a minute.

Feel Stronger. Move Better. Think Clearer With Pilates. If you want to tackle your back pain with Pilates, please visit your local Pilates studio by clicking on the Pilates link below. Each new Pilates participant receives their first week for FREE as well. 


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