Interview: Celebrating Female Success: Irene Georgakopoulos | MS

Originally Published Aug 25, 2021

The face of female success, Irene Georgakopoulos

Physio Inq Co-Founder and Director and dear friend of Greek City Times, Irene Georgakopoulos, is just one of the many faces of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Having worked in the disability space as a physiotherapist for many years, helping those who suffer from MS and other neurological disorders to live a better life, it was ironic that Irene was herself diagnosed with MS in 2019, after being struck down with blurred vision and a loss of function in her left eye that led to her unexpected diagnosis.

Following the initial shock and disbelief at the possibility of a wheelchair bound future, she turned her fear to knowledge and has since used her position to better equip her staff and the business with the empathy and tools required to deliver the best possible care. “In hindsight I had symptoms for some time,” Irene recalls, ‘but as usual you just write it off as being tired, stressed dehydrated or whatever.”

Physio Inq started in the western suburbs of Sydney in 2006 and is now expanding Australia wide. At its core is physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology services across 15 clinics and 200 mobile employees offering services at home for people with a disability and aged care patients.

Irene, says, “Historically MS implies that you are sick or disabled, but it’s just not so. I really hope to show that my journey is something different. That this perceived adversity is actually an opportunity to overcome something and forms part of a unique story. If I can lead by example and inspire others to do the same, that would be most rewarding.”

The face of female success, Irene Georgakopoulos

This article was originally published on F Magazine | Celebrating Female Success

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