Elite Athlete Sponsorship Program

What is the Elite Athlete Sponsorship Program?

The PHYSIO INQ Elite Athlete Sponsorship Program was developed to assist elite and up and coming athletes access better and faster health care, more effective training programs and aid in their recovery process.

The program consists of both Junior and Senior Tiers, with athletes being assigned to a Physiotherapist who has a special interest in their sport.

What is the Selection Criteria?

The Junior Program is for any athlete over the age of 12, both male and female who have shown a trend towards excellence in their sport. They must be attending full time education and have shown a dedication to their studies as well as sport.

The Senior Program is for athletes on the cusp of professionalism, or currently a professional that is in need of assistance to develop their career further.

What Does the Program Offer?

Senior Program:

Each Senior sponsored athlete with receive the following:

Value: $2220

Junior Program:

Each junior sponsored athlete will receive the following:

Value: $980

Who Can Apply?

Any one can apply, from any sport, as long as you are from the local area. Local is defined as either growing up, near or currently living within a 15km radius of your nearest clinic. You can download an application from our website or grab on in clinic.

You must currently be playing or participating in the sport of your nomination, and have met the criteria on the application form. You must also not currently have another physio or health sponsor.

Specific Selection Criteria

The panel will decide on successful athletes based on the following set of criteria:

Of course not every one can be sponsored in this way, but we keep all athletes on file and will contact you if a space is made available and we would like to support you in your cause! There is no offence meant in unsuccessful applications and if you do not receive a sponsorship, we encourage you to continue to do your best and improve every week!

Your Obligation

There are a few obligations that go along with PHYSIO INQ EAS. None of them will cost you a thing!

Our Obligation

Of course there are things we need to do:

How many athletes are sponsored?

Each Physiotherapist will take on TWO SPONSORSHIPS. One Senior, and One Junior. We would love to take on more, but of course we don’t have unlimited time!
Over all, PHYSIO INQ are looking after up to 40 sponsored athletes at any time.

How long can I be supported?

Each Athlete undergoes a 12 month program with PHYSIO INQ. At the end of the program, they do need to reapply for sponsorship with PHYSIO INQ. If they have continued their growth in their sport and are continuing to play and perform at an elite level, it is likely that they will stay on into the future. We support athletes for a maximum term of 3 years.

Finishing Sponsorship

If circumstances arise by the way of injury, or a dropping in performance, then after the 12 month sponsorship is completed, both parties are usually happy to discontinue the program to enable others to take on the challenge. Both parties will be notified in writing.

If an athlete becomes a professional in their sport and has access to physiotherapy and health care as part of their contract with their team, club or coach, the sponsorship program ends. This enables PHYSIO INQ to reach as many budding athletes are we can, whilst noting the success stories of our old clients!

Of course this is what we were always after and means we all achieved success…

Many professional clients choose to stay on with PHYSIO INQ and their individual physiotherapist, which is great! We can arrange payment programs with clubs, or to keep things simple, we usually just go back to our normal service fee relationship with those clients.

How do I apply?

Simple, either fill out the online application form, or drop by to one of our clinics and pick up a paper form. They are both the same, but digital is easier! Click below to go to the application page.

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